PredictBGL Diabetes Manager

PredictBGL Diabetes Manager

By ManageBGL Pty Ltd

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2015-04-22
  • Current Version: 1.9.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 13.24 MB
  • Developer: ManageBGL Pty Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 31 Ratings


- No. 1 insulin dosing app in 7 countries - Best Patient Decision Support - as voted by JDRF - Winner of Stanford's 'DiabetesMine' Patient Voices competition "The killer feature of PredictBGL is the visual prediction and the easy correction of carb and correction ratios directly from the graph. Within the first two days it was easy to correct ratios and fine tune the predictions" - Marius, Germany "Dexcom data 3 hours faster than Diasend" - Gillian, USA "Reduced my daughter's A1C from 9.5% to 7.2% in three weeks" - Lisa, Australia We help real people with real information to live safer, easier lives with diabetes. Better Doses = Safer Diabetes! FEATURES • Designed for type 1s and other insulin users (type 2, type 1.5 / LADA, gestational diabetes) • A1C estimate • Meal time and Basal reminders: never forget to check and log • Hypo warning and hypo retest reminders • Quick and easy logging • Insulin dose calculator / Logger - multiple carb ratios and correction ratios - multiple BG targets - tracks active insulin / insulin on board in the same way as a pump - delayed eating suggestions - lower your A1C - factors for three levels of exercise, stress, sickness and pre-menstruation and more • Hypo and BG prediction hours ahead • Neat and clear graphs with ACTUAL blood glucose curves - no straight-line charts that miss important highs - helps to explain **expected** versus **unexpected** BGs • Basal rates for pump users • Fully-featured reporting • Multiple food databases and food estimation guide • Time in Range / trends similar to CGMS but lower cost • Health integration - access 5 million food from MyFitnessPal or other food Apps. Carbs, protein, fat and fiber will be pulled into the app when you hit 'Add'. • Live Health Care Team sharing • Live syncing between multi-devices • Tips for first-time users • mmol/L or mg/dL blood glucose units • Carbs in grams, portions, exchanges, BE, KE, CC PRO FEATURES / ADD-ONS (*) • Predictions from 3-8 hours ahead • Dose analysis and tips • Include protein, fat and fiber in dose calculations • Live Dexcom Share and NightScout CGM data integration • Reports sent to your physician INTEGRATION WITH DIABETIC DEVICES • Live Dexcom Share CGM data integration • NightScout integration • Validic and HumanAPI integration • Import of CSV, XML and Tab formats from 60+ diabetic devices including Accu-check Mobile, Agamatrix Zero-Click, Aviva, CoPilot, CareLink, Contour USB, DiaBass, Diasend, DexCom, Glooko, GlucoFacts, Freestyle Insulinx, Medtronic, MySugr, Omnipod, OneTouch Ping, Ontrack, RapidCalc, SIDiary. INTEGRATION WITH FITNESS DEVICES Integrate fitness data from sources such as Atlas, Cycling Analytics, DailyMile, Pulsense, Runsense, FatSecret, FitBug, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, IHealth, JawBone, MapMyFitness, Misfit, Moves, Ride with GPS, RunKeeper, SportTracks, Strava, Training Peaks and Withings. TEAM We're always working to make PredictBGL better! Have a problem, criticism, question, suggestion, or praise? It’s all super important to us, and we'd love to hear from you. PredictBGL was developed by a team of amazing engineers. Our CTO has had 27 years with T1 diabetes, and in a previous life used an insulin pump for 12 months. Our Quality Manager has a child with T1 diabetes who was diagnosed at 2 years old, now 11. Includes Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese translations. (*) PredictBGL gives you a 30-day free trial. After that, you can choose to stay with the Free Plan or upgrade to a monthly subscription starting from just two coffees per month ($9.99). Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.



  • Awesome app

    By ccoates9642
    This app does what it says. Predicts bloos sugar out for three hours. Worth every penney. I took my a1c from 14.1 to 5.9. The coach tool is so powerful. It gives you instant feedback to help you adjust your carb ratio and correction ratio. The dictors only guess. This is based.on your data. Give it a try.
  • We love this app!

    By razzyfam
    Exactly what we needed to help us control our child’s T1D. Customer service is also top notch.
  • Will eternally spam you.

    By AllNamesUsedUp
    If you can't trust them with your email address, you definitely shouldn't trust them with your health data. There's much better and more polished diabetes apps out there.
  • New Type 1 - This Got Me In Order

    By mbhanson
    Have been using the app for about 2 weeks now and it's gotten me in order as a new adult onset type 1. Cool reports and a dosage calculator as a double check. Main piece of feedback would be to finish the development to allow for emailing reports to my doctors. Right now you have to share all data with the docs and they can pull reports themselves.

    By nbd57
    This app makes diabetics tolerable. I can finally get my glucose levels stable and controlled. The program is easy to learn and very user friendly. Thank you.
  • Absolutely extraordinary

    By LoveFollower
    I have been looking for a quality blood glucose app for Apple products. I've tried several, and even liked a cooler quite a bit. My true hope, however, was to find an app with features similar to a CGMS system. To me, it's vital to include active insulin remaining when trying to determine the correct bolus to take. This app has absolutely blown me away. It is hands down the best diabetes app anywhere. It's features are extensive. It understands many nuances such as making bolus calculations in whole number when people are using insulin pens that only increment in whole numbers. You can't take 2.5 units via a Novolog pen. I LOVE its bolus calculator, it's coaching system, its graphs, it's amazing suggestions on attaining better control, and so much more. It's so good that it makes entry compliance a joy. I don't go anywhere without my iPad. This amazing app has already helped to improve my glycemic control. Thank you, developers!!!
  • Needs some polishing

    By jayserna
    Well it all seems cool at first glance, BUT: 1. You need to $$$ to see what this app even does. Plus there are ads. So unless your willing to dish out cash to demo stay away. 2. No apple health integration. 3. Don't see much of a benefit over Dexcom G5 app that justifies $15 a month.
  • Seems like a good app at this point....

    By Reemark
    Trying the free version currently......just got diagnosed 3 weeks ago......still getting my feet wet with all of this new stuff. Purchased a 1 month of the Pro version, but haven't been able to get it to upgrade me yet. Purchased on the weekend, so maybe I need to wait for the Monday business day acknowledgement from the company for this app to upgrade me. Excited to see what features it has. Seems like a good app for tracking any event you want to enter. It has a robust look and feel to it. Still getting acquainted to all the termInology of diabetes. Looking for more than just a glorified tracking program, but need to wait on the upgrade to see if it works as well as everyone says it does. I will post additional reviews as time goes on......
  • Great App

    By Moof<3
    Being a a Type 2 who has only been taking insulin for a year and who just added meal time insulin, I needed an app to help me find the right dosing. This is it. My A1C dropped 1.2 and now I'm considered controlled. I haven't been controlled in years. Thanks so much for this great app!
  • Meh

    By iFather
    Bought it, stopped using it, developer uses the word "Insane" to describe features...ummm I don't use products with "Insane" features... diabetes is insane enough, give me an app that has "sane" features.