Picture Cross

Picture Cross

By AppyNation Ltd.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-05-14
  • Current Version: 1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 175.10 MB
  • Developer: AppyNation Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 36,535 Ratings


Solve the puzzle to paint the picture! Now with over 1,300 fantastic Picture Cross puzzles. PICTURE CROSS (also known as 'PICROSS', 'Nonograms', 'Hanjie' and 'Griddlers') is the classic picture logic puzzle enjoyed by millions worldwide. Here you'll find an epic collection of hundreds of brain-stretching Picture Cross puzzles ranging from Easy to Expert difficulty. Each puzzle you complete reveals another square of a detailed-packed Hidden Scene. Download free and start your Picture Cross adventure! HOW TO PLAY Use the number clues at the edge of the grid to determine which squares to fill in, and gradually reveal the hidden picture. We've included a quick and easy tutorial to get you started. SUPPORT Please select the HELP option from the Options menu (the gear icon in the top right corner of the game screen) if you require assistance. If you still have questions about the game or require further assistance, please email: community@appynation.com Picture Cross is free to play, but contains optional paid items to unlock content more quickly. Facebook: /BigPuzzles - Twitter: @BigPuzzles



  • Too many glitches

    By Marqatty
    Don’t get me wrong I love this game. I wish there were more challenges because that motivates me more. But I have had to delete and restart this app 4 times. Randomly the selection screen goes dark and it’s too hard to choose a game. Support is a joke. I still have an open chat from June. Apparently someone will talk to me soon. I’ll keep playing but there is a lot to work on. Not to mention each time I restart I end up paying for more tokens.
  • Great if you have $ to spend

    By Woaikonglong
    The game is nice, I like the puzzles! Good variety. Problem comes from too many useless coins (because I don’t need hints) and not enough tokens (which open new puzzles). You can generate up to 10 tokens, it I have reached a point in th game (not even the midway point) where all of the puzzles are 11 - 40+ tokens. I can only generate 10. You get your daily bonus, but that only goes so far. It took me two daily bonuses combined to open a new puzzle. Sometimes the game spits out tokens, but not nearly often enough. Additionally, you can watch a video to earn ONE token, but 30 seconds is not worth it unless you are only short a couple. The game is almost unplayable for me at this point and despite only playing a little bit over just over a week, I am stuck unless I want to sh lol out a bunch of cash. Not gonna happen!
  • Fun but expensive

    By Tevisland
    I love playing this game. I am very supportive of game developers. I have purchased tokens to play, like other reviewers the game doesn’t provide enough free tokens to continue at any type of reasonable pace. I also worked to earn free tokens by watching ads and by trying other games/services in the token earn/purchase area. Typically the number of tokens promised did not materialize. After completing 325 of 400 puzzles I have deleted this app. I showed loyalty by purchasing tokens and watching ads. I have only been rewarded by increasing requirements for tokens to finish a puzzle. This just isn’t fun anymore. You have the right to earn income from game creation. I also have the right to delete your game when I feel you’re being selfish. I hope your owners figure out an economic model that is reasonable.
  • Great game!

    By Mrs.Fox
    I absolutely love this game and how challenging it is. My only suggestion is have the puzzles you have enough tokens for at that time light up and dim the rest because searching through to see which one I can play at that moment is a real pain. Thanks for reading! Hope you do this!
  • Unbanked to completely remove app from phone

    By TheKawaiiCreep
    I really loved this game and played daily, but I deleted all of my games to make space for my photos. However, every time I look at my storage usage or restart my phone it appears that this game is still in my phone. Even when I look for it in the App Store it says “Open” instead of “Install”. I tried to delete it again in my “storage usage” but there’s not an option. I also “delete” it every time I see it on my desktop.
  • Addicted but...

    By johncena64
    I love this app, the only problem is the limit to how many tokens you can earn by being away from the game, it makes it so much harder to progress when you have to wait for the daily rewards just to do the next puzzle. I currently have to wait 2-3 days just to do a puzzle cause it takes 50 tokens to do.
  • So much potential

    By Doctor_HooLock
    This game is in and the potential is there... st first. The first layer of games is really fun and decently cheap, but after that it’s a waste of time. Tokens regenerate way to slowly, most of the TapJoy quests are fake and don’t work or cost real money, and some of the squares just cost way to many tokens to play (50+ when you get to the outer layer of the board). For a decent number of the inner layer puzzles when I completed them I would get tokens as a reward, but now I am ONLY getting coins and I’m not even 1/8 done with the first board. Basically the only way to get tokens now is wait hours of pay for them. I can’t even do most of the tapjoy ads because they’re all for either real life purchases, spam/scam quizzes, or games that are old/popular already so I’ve already downloaded them. Plus, an ad plays after EVERY. SINGLE. PUZZLE. Whether you complete it or not (even if you just go back to the board). And several of the ads have a fake X on the corner so if you click the X to try and close it then it brings you to the app page because you really clicked on the ad. Since it’s free to get then play this game for the first few levels, but don’t expect to stick with it for long.
  • Absolutely love the game but......

    By cloraure
    As many have probably mentioned this game is very fun and addictive. The puzzle are truly fun to solve. It’s not too difficult and fairly easy to advance. If I enjoy this game, why give it 3 stars only? Well, because as some may have mentioned before it gets kind of difficult to progress without tokens. You have two currencies in this game; tokens & coins. But you mainly get coins as rewards, which to be honest are only useful if you use a lot of clues. On the other hand if your like me and you don’t really use hints you’ll end up with over 75,000 coins. The only use I found for these is to replay puzzles in order to get tokens. I will say that they did improve from the previous version in the sense that occasionally they give you the opportunity to watch an ad in exchange for access to a puzzle but that only happens occasionally and I wish it would occur more often because after replaying puzzles to get tokens it kinda gets boring. I will wait for another update and hope that tokens are easier to get by then.
  • Not worth spending money on

    By iPodMama
    I really enjoy picross games and have played several. This one is not worth it. Working the individual puzzles is OK, kinda therapeutic and relaxing, although many are way too easy (an 8x8 grid? Are you kidding?)The maximum grid size is 15 x 15, which is fine, but the finished puzzle rarely LOOKS like an identifiable object. When you finish each puzzle, the black and white grid turns to color, which helps, but most times I needed to look at the pop-up caption to tell what the picture was. And get this... some days the caption doesn’t appear at all, so... what the HECK is the object? You’ll never know. And the token system is no good. You have to pay a lot of money for them, and you have no idea how many “in-app purchases” you will need to make to finish the game. You can watch ads or take surveys to earn a few tokens, but earning 2 tokens for 5 minutes of survey isn’t worth it when each grid costs 20-30 tokens. The coins you are rewarded in the games are useless. I have shelled out $2-$15 dollars for games that were well done and fun, but this one is definitely NOT worth it. Developers, fix the caption glitch, offer a one-time fee to play the whole game, make earning tokens worth the time, or you will lose customers.
  • Too few ways to get tokens

    By Pammmmma,mmm
    I really like this game but can only play a couple puzzle a day because there are few way to get tokens beside buying . I have spent a lot of time playing the extra games to get token but never end up getting any. That needs to be fixed . I just got a nasty email saying I had requested to many token after completing the required games . Really ? I did what was ask but there is a glitch in the method of delivery . Too bad . It was a fun game . Bye bye