Blood in Roses /Shall we date?

Blood in Roses /Shall we date?

By NTT Solmare

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-04-20
  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 37.19 MB
  • Developer: NTT Solmare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,499 Ratings


There are 2 different story settings (Ver. Hunter and Ver. Witch) for this game. See what adventure your boyfriend can take you! _____________ ■Ver. Hunter You are a vampire hunter who is about to head to Idra Forest with your partner wolf. The forest is believed to be where the vampire castle is. Your mission is to visit this castle in order to save the village people. Can you complete the mission without being consumed by vampires? ■Ver. Witch You are a witch who is led to Idra Forest by a mysteriously beautiful melody. You soon find yourself at a hotel named Libra Sincera, where you are turned into a vampire. A black cat comes to tell you that you have only 10 days to find the rose garden, whose roses can turn you back to human. What's their motives? And can you go back to your normal life? _____________ About the Game: *Blood in Roses+ is a visual novel game full of fantasy, adventure and romance. *FREE to play! *Choose your preferred partner from a variety of charming men! *Multiple endings for each male character! *The endings change depending on your choices and actions. *Enjoy a lushly written original concept and scenario! With drama, romance and even comedy, there’s something for everyone. *Choose from a variety of outfits and accessories to dress up your avatar and make it truly unique! FOLLOW US: (like us if you enjoy our game!) ABOUT US: Thank you for your interest in our game! NTT Solmare is a Japanese game company dedicated to bringing Japanese visual novels and Otome games to the world! Blood in Roses+ is part of our acclaimed “Shall We Date?” series of Otome games. Please enjoy, and we welcome any feedback!



  • My thoughts

    By MintCaroline
    I Wish that they had Restart button for everything in the game. And some of the storylines are confusing. However I loved the characters Especially
  • Fun, but it comes with a cost

    By SaiyanOver9000(8000)
    This game is really enjoyable. The character designs are unique, the soundtrack is pretty decent, the stories brings the player into a whole other world, and so much more! The thing that’s aggravating is that you have to spend money to get coins, which can buy you avatar items and the premium stories, not to mention that you need to buy suncatchers and/or dreamcatchers if you don’t have enough points. The farewell endings are gut-retching and full of despair, which is a terrible ending for your character! But another game from the Shall We Date? series is Lost Alice, and the coins in Blood + Roses are exactly like the Lapis in Lost Alice, except you can earn one Lapis from a login bonus and five more if you complete the daily mission. I think that Blood + Roses should have that mechanic implemented into its game so that the player doesn’t have to endure the nuisance of having to buy coins at a high cost.
  • It’s just ok

    By MyFriendsCallMeSatan
    This game had very good art work and I liked the story but if you are not willing to spend money then I would skip it. The stories are way too short and you only get a ticket every few hours. Plus with the miss rose contests, you can’t keep going on with the story if you can’t buy either of the options, so your choices are to 1 buy coins with real money or 2 win tokens from the miss rose contest which is dreadfully slow. You get about 20 from it each time and you need an average of 4000 to go on. It is a good game but if you don’t want to spend money and aren’t patient I don’t recommend i
  • Love itlove

    By Meme_517
    It’s an amazing game I enjoy it so much
  • I was enjoying it till the end :(

    By HonestA21
    Overall the game was great but at the end you either have to spend some real $ or u end up with a tragic end.... So being the stupid person I was I decided to spend $10 on this app just to get to the end..... This gave me 1000 dollars.Hmm was this enough to get to the ending I wanted, NO of course not. So the next thing I did was I waited......I waited to get the little dream catchers and sun catchers After waiting for about a mount I decided hmm maybe I should just delete the game and start over Did that work obviously no!I checked the whole game and there was NO reset button.So then I checked online to see how I could do it and all it said was I had to reset my phone. Obviously I wasn’t gonna reset my phone for a game... So the creators of this almost perfect game PLEASE make the game so u don’t have to pay REAL money Thank u for reading
  • Love it

    By Lilybae123456
    Awesome game no lie! Ive played it several times! Its so romantic and i always come back! The art is beyond amazing! I love it! Worth every bit of time i put in!
  • Fun

    By BIG76Z4
    Code: FAswcrgqQe It’s an interesting story though but I don’t like it when they show the female character (the player) face.
  • Love this game

    By kar_lol
    This is one of my second top favorite games I really love this game I don’t have any problems with it
  • I'm stuck at step 5 in the tutorial

    By Cadence John
    I can't pass step 5!
  • Very Expensive In App Game!

    By Wingsofnina
    I love the artwork and dressing up the characters are fun. But acquiring the accessories are very expensive, we are talking about real $$. Mostly, purchasing one dress could easily cost you $5.00 USD or more, then you gotta purchase or acquire dresser “per” item on top of that. With all the money you could spend this game, you could’ve bought yourself a nice outfit in real life. Seriously you gotta be rich or have no life to play this game to at least decently enjoy it. I have been earning coins through Tapjoy various advertising, downloading apps, performing tasks, surveys and signing up stuff while avoiding purchases (yes I do not have much life at this moment) but even that is running out and I am avoiding “sign ups” that links to telemarket phone calls under their terms and condition. At the end, the time I invested on Tapjoys has equaled, if not, more than playing the game. I am glad at least I did not invest a lot of money on this coz I could see it just keeps going on, next thing you know you have easily spent a whole car payment. I am not against spending money in app. I have honestly spent more $$ on other games that gave me more satisfaction, more fun for my buck and I did not regret due to fair price. I’d rather pay other games that gives more. What kept me from purchasing in app is the mentality, “I could buy a whole manga (more stories to read) instead of buying two outfits.” Yup, that’s how expensive this game is. If you are not afraid to spend $$$ and got no bills, this game it very cute and fun!