Hue Camera for Philips Hue

Hue Camera for Philips Hue

By Erwin Zwart

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-03-18
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 8.18 MB
  • Developer: Erwin Zwart
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 179 Ratings


"It is most impressive when working with live video, as it does a good job of keeping up with changing action happening on screen" - Hue Camera creates an Ambilight-like effect using your Philips Hue lights and your device's built-in camera. The custom build algorithm of Hue Camera continuously analyses all individual pixels and takes hue, saturation, luminance, occurrence and many more factors into consideration to determine which specific colour is the most contributing to the overall ambiance. Your house will for example turn green when watching movies in the forest and turn blue for underwater scenes. Because Hue Camera uses the built-in camera, it's not limited to a specific device and can be used for content on televisions, Apple TV, gaming consoles, BluRay/DVD players and even things off-screen like photos and paintings. Although Hue Camera was designed to work within a wide range of situations, you can change the speed of colour transitions and the intensity of the colour to your liking.



  • Doesn't work quite right...

    By DncnBug
    I have to uninstall and re-download the app every time I want to use it. So inconvenient. Otherwise, it's pretty cool. Maybe I don't have it set up quite right, but each bulb is the same color; it would be cool if each bulb portrayed the color on the side of the screen it was on.
  • Not worth the money

    By avenue101
    Need to keep camera facing the tv. Good idea but bad if you need your phone.
  • Light doesnt transition

    By Danimal310
    Light just stays the same color. Waste of money and time.
  • I want to watch on the tv not the app

    By WillBe3812
    Screen should go to sleep - I donโ€™t want to watch the app screen and the tv
  • So close but needs work

    By cheifsmackahoe
    Should be free for a variety of reasons. One being that the app does really work unless your pointing the phone at the tv. I repeat, your phone has to aim at the tv. This app should be free for this joke of a process to work.
  • Doesn't use groups/rooms. Made me dizzy

    By nuclearspike
    It pulses my lights even when on slow and after a few minutes it made me dizzy, like I'd spun in a circle for minutes. The list of lights is not ordered or grouped. I have more than 50. It would be good to be able to disable an entire room at once or at least sort them alphabetically.
  • Nice tech needs a little more...

    By prochauffeur
    I have my entire home integrated with some sort of Home Automation, Philips Hue being the center of the Entertainment TOM as well as the living room. It has a hard time while watching 3D movies on my set in the living room. Reading other reviews I concur with the '... could use microphone in conjunction...' like other apps like 'DISCO' or 'SYNC MY LIGHTS'. I'd pay a little more for advanced controls like the ones in the apps listed above. It's a little hard for a phone to get the entire screen into the camera without getting some of the hue lights in it as well. Trying to get the camera lined up with the TV is a little cumbersome but that's not the apps fault, it's a wet ware problem. This app gets great reviews from CNET as well as some other highly respected consumer sites. I agree! Again if somehow you could integrate the use of the microphone and maybe a list of movies that have already been SYNC'd so that we [the consumer] could pick the movie on a list and begin there as well... again I would pay extra as well as many a friend would too. Keep up the updates and maybe a beta test app would be great as well. ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿปas well as a ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป.
  • Waste of money

    By UpUser3478484
    This app does a horrible job identifying colors. I had it aimed at a TV and it only showed different intensities of white light. It was slow to change and lagged a second behind what was on the camera.
  • Pretty cool

    By 1234567$&@"
    This app is pretty cool. I think it could be better if the lights weren't always on. For example during a horror movie most scenes should be dark so the lights should be off with flashes of color as the scene ramps up. I was watching a scene where it was flashing back and forth between two people talking in the same room. The lights kept flashing back and forth with different colors. The scene was constant so the light should be constant. I think it would be better suited to recognize motion more than just color. Every scene doesn't need to flash colors, just the important parts. Keep the lights off until there are explosions then flash the lights yellow, white, orange, etc....I think this would bring in the mood more. If the app could use the microphone as well to listen for variations in noise it could then flash with thunder, or beat with a heart, or flash when someone screams. Another suggestion might be to add movie categories so it knows not to keep the lights on during a horror movie, or to brighten up with colors for a kids movie. Overall, still a really cool app and worth the money to have fun with friends and family.
  • Works great!

    By 7301846281
    Perfect for movie night.