Stupid Simple Keto Diet App

Stupid Simple Keto Diet App

By Venn Interactive, Inc.

Score: 4.5
From 1,478 Ratings


Lose weight and keep it off with Stupid Simple Keto, the easiest-to-use carb and macros counter for people on the ketogenic diet or for those looking to lose weight. Why count carbs instead of calories? Most people fail on low carbohydrate diets due to cheat meals that ruin their progress. Stupid Simple Keto helps you avoid problematic carbohydrates so that you can finally succeed. With the right foods, you can lose weight, feel great, and remain full all day long! FEATURES: *Easy-to-use food icons for logging your daily carbs and calories. *Barcode scanner to quickly add new foods. *Sync between devices for free. *Private selfies let you take pics to track your visual progress. *Track your progress over time and set daily goals. *Food bank conserves calories for special events. *Add custom foods. *Helpful warnings when you approach your daily carb/fat/protein limit. *Change portion sizes on the fly. *Easily review your daily foods. *Helps you learn new habits, eat right, and ultimately keep the weight off. *Track how much water you're drinking each day to stay hydrated. *Export your food history. *Set your own favorite foods for quick access. *Edit the food grid to remove unwanted foods and keep just your regulars. Try it today, it's free to download! You have nothing to lose but the fat.



  • Love it

    By Stacy Overbey
    I love how easy this app is. I have tried a couple of different apps and this is the one I stuck to because of the ease of using it. KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Simple simple simple

    By Mergo1681
    This made keeping my meals very easy to track and/or plan. Thanks

    By fishclip1
    I have the Pro version (ONE time payment - great). I find the app very intuitive and fun. Great being able to scan my own items, adjust nutritional values, if needed - and even take a photo for the food grid. Easy to sync between my phone & tablet. I bought the Pro version after only a few days of using the free version. Only issue so far is that I don’t use the “Calorie Bank”, wish it would countdown the calories I eat daily. The calorie count is shown on the Daily Log tab. Oh, the customer service is EXCELLENT. I use this app daily and would definitely recommend it.
  • Awesome app!

    By minstersd79
    This app has really helped me track and keep up with my daily Keto. Still using it daily after 3 months!
  • User friendly

    By Saturday Quilter
    This is an easy app that is user friendly. The custom food/picture is a great feature. Just needs a few tweaks as others have mentioned.
  • So easy to use!

    By Karritz
    This app has been exactly what my ‘new-to-keto’ self needed! It’s easy to use, and encourages you along the way. I love it!
  • Problematic

    By knkjytf
    I upgraded the app so I could scan foods. I have dealt with customer support the last few days. They do respond however cannot seem to fix the problem. Even though I paid for the upgrade, the scan feature continues to be white instead of gray and therefore I cannot use the scan feature. This is very frustrating!
  • Working for me ...

    By amyschem36
    Easy to add, track and view what you’re eating with a bar graph that shrinks as you go through the day. No bar left, no room left for that category of fat, carbs or protein. I did upgrade to the pro for $9.99 plus tax because I wanted the ability to scan my foods.
  • Keto

    By cruise here i come
    This app is easy to use and helpful
  • It’s ok

    By ATenof11
    It’s ok but to have it good and great you have to upgrade. Save your $$ and don’t get the fasting addition it’s not user friendly. There are free fasting apps available which let you easily edit start and end times of the fast which is something this app does not allow.