SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

By Electronic Arts

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-12-17
  • Current Version: 1.19.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 108.29 MB
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 210,078 Ratings


Welcome, Mayor! Be the hero of your very own city as you design and create a beautiful, bustling metropolis. Every decision is yours as your city gets larger and more intricate. Make smart choices to keep your citizens happy and your skyline growing. Then trade, chat, compete, and join clubs with fellow Mayors. Build your way to extraordinary with the most popular city builder on mobile! BRING YOUR CITY TO LIFE Build skyscrapers, parks, landmarks, factories, and much more! Place buildings strategically to keep the taxes flowing and your city growing. Solve real-life challenges like traffic, fires, and pollution. Provide services like power plants and police departments, and boost your population with parks and education. Keep traffic moving with grand avenues and streetcars. Take on fun challenges to shape your society. PUT YOUR IMAGINATION ON THE MAP Expand along the beach with a marina, waterpark, and luxury beachfront. Build a Tokyo-style neighborhood and unlock exclusive landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. Discover innovative technologies with Future Cities and get athletic with sports stadiums. Hit the town with Las Vegas buildings and go Hollywood with movie studios. There’s always something new and different to make your city unique. BATTLE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY Compete in real-time PvP with Club Wars, where you strategize with Mayor’s Club members and declare war on other cities. Once the battle is on, unleash crazy disasters on opponents, like the Disco Twister and Plant Monster, to do damage and watch the wreckage happen live. Earn disaster cards, SimCash, and other valuables to use in battle or to improve your city. Also, take on other players in the Contest of Mayors. Complete weekly challenges and climb the ranks to advance through Leagues. Become a top Mayor and get rewards that can upgrade and beautify your city. CONNECT AND TEAM UP Join a Mayor’s Club to trade supplies with other members and chat about strategies and available resources. Collaborate to help someone complete their personal vision and get support to complete yours. Build big, work together, lead other Mayors, and watch your city come to life! ------- User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries. Important Consumer Information.  This app:  Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Contains advertisements for EA and its partners. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on



  • Currect update

    By Pastylegs
    The current update 10/16/2017 crashes twice as often as the older version 9/1/2017. Optimize optimize optimize!!!
  • Skip tutorial

    By gjfhfu
    Would be nice to have the option to skip the tutorial and log right into Facebook and start from where I was on my old phone
  • I want to like this game but

    By Aliceeen
    There’s limited ways to make money and it’s not enough. Constantly having to buy something and then being broke afterwards. It’s annoying.
  • Club Wars not optional, best features behind a platinum wall

    By ballookey
    The new Club Wars feature: its not what I want in a game, but I wouldn’t care except it is now non-optional. EA claims it’s optional, but if you participate in the Contest of Mayors there are now War tasks added, often the highest point tasks on your list. Worse, they added this in the middle of a Contest Season, a season whose theme was nothing to do with war. So I joined a season excited to win University buildings and an awesome Observatory—things pertaining to science, education, and exploration—only now suddenly my progress in the season is threatened by the addition of warfare. Even if I wanted to take part in warfare, my Mayor’s Club is too small to do so, and I have no interest in throwing it open to random strangers. AND THEN, the reports are that active clubs are being matched against inactive clubs, or clubs that refuse to engage with the War tasks so even willing participants are having a hard time completing war tasks. LASTLY, per my title, the game just added some much-requested beautiful features such as waterfalls and river deltas. These items are all but unattainable as they can only be acquired by spending massive numbers of platinum keys. Which can only be earned at the highest levels of Contest of Mayors and during Wars. I would accept such items simply being available for actual cash. I would spend $5 or $10 here and there for the ones I really liked. But the Platinum key requirement guarantees you will spend much more than that competing to collect the keys. Getting ready to wind down my game and quit it. Only hoping for a swift change to make the Wars truly optional, and for some versions of the new features that can be bought with money, gold keys, simoleans, or any of the three.
  • Killing our batteries.

    By Swolewitem
    Can’t turn off app refresh in background over cellular. Please update.
  • Could be better...hoping

    By Matriarch Clan
    Dictating your every move with major restraints. It is not fun nor entertaining to be controlled to the point of dislike. The game works against your efforts in so many ways that are also not fun. Does anyone remember fun? I could think of many ways to improve this game to make it actually fun. I would say remove the greed factor, make easy to get what is needed and have raffles with the mayors to win lot’s of stuff. It’s impossible to make what you need, or even buy it. Major turn off status. Hope they improve it. It crashes constantly and I get ripped off for a lot of stuff including cash. :(
  • War

    By LouHudson
    You asked for feedback, so here goes. Energy needs to be replaced MUCH faster. 15 minutes for one point is ridiculous. Either scrap it completely, make it 5 minutes, or create an option to burn a REASONABLE amount of resources to get it. It’s a HUGE bottleneck. Four 3-point shots and then wait *3 hours* for full energy? Wrong. Contest of mayor’s assignments. Got one to put 3 opponents under the shield, for 4500 points, time limit 3 hours. Well, first off, you have to actually take the last shot to earn that. Even if you’ve taken the first 9 points. See the above energy requirement for the IMPOSSIBLE hurdle to doing the assignment all by yourself. So if it requires the CLUB to do it, give the CLUB points for it. Don’t force the club to fight over who gets to take the final point. Create a “knockout” reward. My club had put every opponent under the shield at one time. And a day later most of them never repaired a single building. How can I do a war points assignment when the opponents don’t play? The success of every other mayor’s contest assignment is the sole responsibility of the individual. You can get help from the club, but in the end success is individual. But for the war ones, that can become impossible, because not only do you need the cooperation of the club - mine is EXCELLENT in all aspects - but you REQUIRE the cooperation of the opponent. But at least it’s not the city-destroying nightmare I thought it was going to be.
  • Club wars is a waste of time. Only 1 star because I don’t have a option for no stars.

    By MTNRider58
    Also the Contest of mayors is geared way to much on upgrading zones while those of us who have fully built towns can not compete without bulldozing exciting zones. The game has become a terrible/boring game. Time to delete my game and move on.
  • A game for me to poop on

    By Moofaloopdadoop
    Make love, not war. I'm not a fan of war games and even this game I'm obsessed with cannot change that. Still, it tries to drag me into the new "war" feature by making the only high-point Contest of Mayor assignments war-related. This, of course, adversely affects the overall COM score since I am ignoring those assignments. Basically, the war update handicaps players who choose not to join in on the bogus war games. This is sim city, not an age of clash of the empires of the clans clone. I suggest adding the option to completely opt out of war in order to avoid receiving war-related assignments in the COM. And make the river boats move around lakes and rivers. The paddle wheels move but the boat is stationary. The heck? This game is a source of stress after you reach a certain level but the club challenges are a nice way to make up for the complete sham that contest of mayors is. The only problem with the club challenge is you still have to compete in the COM to accomplish anything. Contest of Mayors: (updated 08/28/2017) Since the contests are based on whoever spends money to win, it's not a true, fair or REAL contest, as some players have advantages (real money) over others. Lame. There is only one strategy that wins: do assignments that give 3k in points. The game conveniently offers predominantly sub-2k point assignments for your continued diminishing pleasure. There is little strategy needed to win these contests, mainly luck and real money are needed. EA, Stop calling it a "contest" because it's really a wolf in sheep skin coaxing money from our wallets. Alerts: (still applies as of 08/28/2017) They're ruining the game experience. I already know how to build factories and have proven it by building factories. Why does the game keep wanting to show me how to build factories?! That's just one of the alerts that are super off-putting. The worst one is the daily sim cash alert. After mine ended, the alerts to renew are twice a minute. If I have to be spammed to renew every time daily sim cash ends, that makes me not ever want to renew. Even worse, it makes me not want to play the game at all. It's that bad. You should create a way to end all alerts. I'm not talking about notifications while the game is not running, I'm talking about in-game alerts. Kill those, or create the option to. I can only take so much before I'm over dismissing those annoying and pointless things.
  • Need more free land

    By Boribadboy224
    You want us to built more buildings put i don’t have more free land please open more land