21-Day Meditation Experience

21-Day Meditation Experience

By Chopra Enterprises Corporation

Score: 3
From 1,493 Ratings


Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and Chopra Center Meditation present the “Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience” mobile app. Get easy access to the complete online experience from chopracentermeditation.com, including your already purchased meditations, on your iPhone, iPad devices. With this free app, you can: · enjoy the free program when available · listen to the meditations in your library · write in your personal journal · buy, stream, or download meditation programs anytime, anywhere By meditating, you can: · reduce anxiety and stress · sleep better · experience more creativity, peace, and happiness · enjoy increased immunity, vitality, and overall well-being Join Oprah and Deepak as they make it easy to transform your life through meditation!



  • Terrible redesign

    By KVCahill
    I’m a huge fan of O & D meditations and have been listening to them for several years. While the previous version of the app had some bugs it was simple and easy to use. This new version is poorly designed and not user friendly. The meditation player sits on top of the daily meditations making it very challenging to use. Every time you try to fast forward or rewind it tries to open the next meditation instead. The design is not aesthetically appealing or calming. It feels like this was created by people who don’t meditate and never viewed or used the previous version. And even after 2 recent updates to fix bugs, every page still has a bug. I emailed customer service about all of this and more. I got a generic response. The app is so frustrating to use that I’m close to giving up on O & D.
  • Can’t get to content.

    By looseid
    The content is great, but the app is garbage. I can never log in, whether I use FB or Google or email. It just stonewalls entry and that’s the end of the story. Why must it be this hard?
  • Scam - unfortunate!

    By boiseyogagirl
    Great content, content I wish I still had access to. Unfortunately, my $50 purchase has disappeared from the app, and the developers have not and do not respond. While I wish I could have the content instead of writing this review, it’s my only recourse. Do not purchase anything in this app or by this developer. I hope the Chopra company becomes aware that this business practice will certainly impact the Chopra brand given the content espousing AUTHENTICITY! Disappointed beyond belief.
  • Go back to the old app please!

    By Florida8
    I’ve been listening to these meditations for years and have purchased many. This new app is awful in so many ways. You send updates but they don’t help! Please return to the old app. It was at least user friendly. Don’t fix what ain’t broken!
  • Zero Stars - worst app ever!

    By Yghaudbxhueistg
    This app is not intuitive to use is terrible fragile and fails often. I have to delete the app and reinstall and reload my paid for (expensive programs) often. There have been a few purported ”major upgrades” that always breaks the app and causes me to have to go through and delete/reload yet again. The meditations (7 day and 21 day experiences are really good) but the fact that I have to deal with this garbage app is annoying and is blowing my karma out.
  • Love the experience, don’t like the update

    By ahimsaforlife
    Why take away the ability to scroll forward in the audio meditation? The new design hinders the user experience. Please revert to the old one that worked much better. Not sure why the app doesn't connect to iHealth.
  • Can’t edit profile

    By lyonlotus
    If you change your email address you are stuck! Contact via the app didn’t give any results.
  • Not working

    By Fairthe
    Even though I love the fact that the app is able to continuously play, it does not help that the app will not allow me to favorite certain meditations. The old app had its problem but this new app seems to have the same problems over and over. One of the meditation, energy of attraction is out of sequence. No matter how many times I delete and reinstall the app it will not go back into sequence. Now I was trying to play energy of attraction and it would not start with #1 it skipped to #2. So pls make the adjustments. I have over 5 meditations and the point of all of this is to be relax. Well it is very frustrating at this point.
  • Downloading will not work

    By ELR GC
    I like the meditations, and I downloaded them to listen while on a flight. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the meditations while in airplane mode, the meditations did not work. They only work when connected to the internet. I was hopeful the new app version would work, but still has so major issues.
  • Bugs, bug, bugs!

    By YSS1254
    The app is so filled with glitches and bugs I do not have enough room to list and discussion them. I tried it in 2016, got frustrated and deleted it. I thought— okay, it has been two years and surely they have fixed it. Not. Good idea. Bad performance. Update Still buggy. Now my library has disappeared. Cannot contact customer service because the keyboard in the “Contact Us” email doesn’t work. I am very disappointed. I have followed Dr. Chopra for years and use the Amanda app daily. It took about three years for them to get Amanda tight. With that experience under their belts this should be a no-brainer. Alas, not so.