Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story

By nanobitsoftware.com

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-04-30
  • Current Version: 7.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 179.15 MB
  • Developer: nanobitsoftware.com
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 80,715 Ratings


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a true Hollywood star? Here is your chance to make those dreams come true! Welcome to the star-studded, stunning and spectacular streets of Hollywood! Build your own movie star career, dominate the red carpets throughout the city, hang out with fans, friends and followers, create own fashion lines, shoot awesome blockbusters and become a true Hollywood icon! CREATE YOUR OWN HOLLYWOOD STAR Make your own movie star! Personalize your avatar, choose your clothing, fashion style, hairstyle and make-up. Leave your own unique mark on the movie industry! SHOOT AMAZING MOVIES Win auditions and shoot blockbusters! Promote your movies and earn loyal fans who will cement your megastar status! GET FANS Create your own star-signed fashion collection, design own perfume and become true megastar with hordes of fans! HANG OUT WITH CELEBRITIES Meet the hottest Hollywood stars and hang out with them at epic parties on fabulous locations – it's time to live the dream! UNLOCK THE CITY Progress through the game and unlock amazing new locations and engaging new features! Hang out in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Las Vegas and other exciting locations! MAKE THE COVERS With great fame comes great media frenzy! Paparazzi will be waiting in front of your home to get a picture of you, so be prepared for tabloid covers. SOCIALIZE, CONNECT, INTERACT Meet new people, play with your friends, visit their homes and check out their movies. Then share your accomplishments with the world!



  • Too many crashes!

    By Phillygem526
    I like this game, even debated on spending some money for diamonds. Now...I don’t know. The game keeps crashing, when I level up. I did as suggested, turned off the background apps. It still did it. I did two movies and did not get paid and sold a bunch of tickets. First time, I just left the game alone for two days. Then, got back into it, then it just happened again. Tech support responded, but told me to turn off background apps. No offer of compensating me my lost points...and they want me to spend my real money? Lol. I am waiting on an answer from tech support. Been playing this game since December or so. I might get rid of it if tech support can’t be fair. Don’t need to be stressed from a game.
  • Fun time passing game

    By Bleepblorpclipclop
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  • Fail

    By Fl0weg1rl
    Game keeps freezing up when I try to play, it was working, but has stopped since the update. Plus, everything needs lots of diamonds
  • Since the latest update

    By Witch Kiwi
    The model your fashion isn’t working since update. I’ve tried to entered looks, the tickets aren’t taken and the finished look doesn’t show up. I really enjoy that part of the game, please fix. Plus the watch tv for diamonds has yet to work!
  • I lost so much money!!!

    By wheres my money?
    I love this game but sometimes when I do movies and people are buying tickets it freezes and it doesn’t go back unless I leave the game but when I come back its like the movie never happened for example I don’t get any money and when I look at the movies I’ve made it says 28/30 movies and it was like that before and it’s annoying because that happened so many time that I’ve lost thousands of dollars so please fix it!!
  • Entertaining and Interesting, with a few Glitches

    By budicrum
    If you like Simulation games you will love this one, it is a blend of beauty, fashion, with a touch of “choose your own” adventure to it. The mini games and stores help maintain a certain freshness to the game as well. There are a few things to keep in mind: there are some in app purchases and making them will make a difference in how you progress and make certain achievements, completing tasks often require energy which does deplete fairly quickly, and some tasks are time sensitive. I enjoy the game and while I don’t have much time to play, it would be nice if it could refill a little faster, even if only occasionally. I have made one small purchase during my time with the game and will limit myself to them because I am not a big fan of using real money to buy fake items, in turn I will likely not advance tremendously during game play, but it is still entertaining. A now the glitches, new friends appear as well as the “add” option - yet don’t appear on my friend list after selecting add (by the way friends count too in certain instances new players) - this has happened 3 times. Also there is a watch for diamonds/energy/etc. symbol appearing in the corner that when watch is selected nothing happens at all. I play on a IPhone X that has all its updates so I would assume I should have an optimal gaming experience, but hey... Thanks for allowing me to share my feedback with you - take care.
  • Not impressed with the free diamond issue!!

    By Icecream623
    I love this game I really do but the free offers you try to give to sign up and complete so and so to get diamonds when mostly EVERYTHING costs it and I REFUSE TO SPEND ACTUAL MONEY on it!!!! And the so called offers don’t even work properly cause you have to do more work just to not even get much!!! PLEASE PUT THE FREE DIAMOND VIDEO OFFERS BACK!!! This is seriously irritating me now😡 I wish the clothes weren’t so freaking expensive too I think that’s the main issue for a lot of people.
  • You’ll spend more than 90% of your time waiting just to complete a task

    By Wild4animals
    It’s an entertaining game but I think when you purchase a new hairstyle/makeup/lips/etc...those should go into your inventory to be able to be reused rather than having to repurchase them when you want to change a look. Also...when I purchased diamonds with real money, $5 was added to both of my purchases (a total of $10 unexpectedly being charged) above what should have been charged, that’s stealing. Please don’t put one price and then add $5 to the actual price being taken from my account. Not cool! I’m editing my first review and changing it from 4 to 2 stars.... It is absolutely ridiculous to spend so much wasted time just waiting to get enough energy to do anything and everything that is required takes energy which is gone in a nanosecond, so basically you’re waiting 30 minutes to do 30 (if that) seconds worth of action. Also...most items are unaffordable and after having $10 extra dollars charged to my account that shouldn’t have been I have no intentions of spending any more real money on this game..don’t steal, you’ll find people are more willing to pay if you’re honest and reasonable. It’s a shame that you haven’t addressed any of the concerns people have brought to your attention, I decided to read the reviews and see if any one else was having similar issues and there are plenty of people complaining about the same things for awhile it seems and yet...the issues remain. I’ll more than likely be deleting this game which is sad because I was really excited about it at first.
  • App question

    By Lizziebee44
    So I had to get a new iPhone and on my old phone I had this app and was far in it spent money and had lots of stuff is there a way to access my old account?
  • Yes but no

    By It did its job
    I absolutely love this game. I have been playing it on and off for awhile now, but everything costs soooo much but it doesn’t give you enough opportunities to win Diamonds. The only way to get a lot of diamonds or cash is to pay with real money which is super expensive. It’s a major downfall.