Feed Baby - Breastfeeding App

Feed Baby - Breastfeeding App


  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2014-05-02
  • Current Version: 3.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 61.20 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 6,208 Ratings


*** Featured by Apple in "Our Favourites for Apple Watch" (Australia & New Zealand) *** Featured by Apple in the Lifestyle -> Parenting section (Australia & New Zealand) *** *** Featured by Apple in Apple Watch - Family (Australia & New Zealand) *** Feed Baby is the ONLY baby tracking app you'll ever need to track your newborns breastfeedings, diaper changes, pumping and sleeps. Countless new parents track and predict their newborns breastfeedings with Feed Baby, the best baby tracker for your iPhone, iPad and now the Apple Watch. So stop stalling and start tracking your new babys routine today! Track and Monitor your babys Breast Feeds, Diapers, Nappy, Sleeps, Pumpings, Breastfeeding, Journals and Medicines. Record your Babys Bottle and Breast feeds as well as Solid feeds with this Baby Tracker. The premier Baby Tracker for any of your mobile device! Now with great Apple Watch support! Feed Baby is the premier baby tracker for logging your newborns breastfeeds and nursing sessions. You won't ever forget when your newborns last nursing session was, and how long it went for as long as you use this baby feeding tracker app. Feed Baby also allows you to track your Breast Pumps so that you always know exactly how much Breast milk you have pumped with this baby tracking app. Feed Baby includes detailed reports and charts/graphs that allow you to visualize some of your most important data. Feed Baby also includes detailed Timelines that show where during each day each of your baby activities occurred. Feed Baby also allows you to export your data to CSV reports so that you can open these reports in your favourite spreadsheet program on your personal computer for further viewing and generation of custom reports. We focus on a simple and easy to use interface. The big buttons make it easy for tired mums and dads to start or add new records during those sleepless nights! Feed Baby also includes an iOS8 Today Widget that allows you to add up to 5 most commonly used actions to your Notifications. Actions such as starting breast feeds, recording diaper changes, and adding a new pump can be accessed directly from the Notification shade without ever having to open Feed Baby. Now you can get access to your most commonly used actions without even having to open Feed Baby! Includes syncing between any of your mobile devices! Key Features include: - Easily record Breast/Bottle/Solid feeds with a single touch. Recording your Babys feeds has never been so easy! - Easily record your newborns nursing sessions with a single touch. - Easily record Diaper and Nappy changes with a single touch - Easily record Dry Diapers and Dry Nappy with a single touch - Easily start and stop Baby Sleeps with a single touch - Easily record Breast Pumpings with a single touch - Easily record Journals with a single touch - Easily record your Babys Milestones in the Journals screen with a single touch - Easily record Growths (Weight, Height, Head circumference) with a single touch - Easily record Medication Records with a single touch - Easily add/remove Medicines with their own graphics and color schemes - Easily view all of your activities for any given day in the "Today" screen. The Today screen shows all of your Breast Feedings, Diaper changes and all other activities for each day. - Easily view all of your activities broken down by the hour of each day in the "Timeline" screen. The Timeline screen shows where during each the day every single one of your babys activities - Data Export that allows you to view your data on your personal computer for more detailed analysis and custom report generation. - Supports Multiple Babys. Track more than one babys growth easily and simply, and switch between them easily - Device-to-Device Synchronization between any number of devices so that Mom and Dad always knows whats going on! - Charts of some of your most important data



  • Baby App

    By Gabby and Dave
    This app makes it easy to sync data with my husband through a pass phrase. It also lets you track everything dealing with a newborn from feedings and diaper changes to naps and vaccinations. Recommend for any new parents!
  • Easy & functional

    By Wedding saver
    Great app. I love that it keeps track of feedings, pumping sessions, diaper changes, & health changes. Giving it three starts cause I bought the app & in order for it to work also with my husband he also has to buy the app as well. But other than that it makes it easy for my husband & I to see when the last feeding was especially if we take turns at night waking up.
  • Can’t live without it

    By new mom, old brain
    Great app. Use it constantly to track sleep, feeds, and pumping. Without it, my exhausted brain would forget this stuff all the time. Worth paying for the full version
  • Great App! One less thing to worry about

    By Mom of cutest baby ever
    Being a first time mom is at the best of times overwhelming. This app makes it easier by keeping track of all the important admin so that you can focus on what is really important!
  • Thorough tracking options; push notifications don’t work on on iOS devices

    By ESK84
    I have tried other tracking apps for my baby’s feeds, diaper changes, etc, but this one is much more thorough. I like how detailed you can get, down to tracking fruits & veggies when baby starts eating solids. The sleep and feeding timers are nice, too, but do seem to drain my phone’s battery a bit as they run in the background. The overall design is fine and fairly easy to read. My biggest complaint is that Push notifications do not work (I have double-checked that I had allowed notifications for this app). I have friends with iPhones who are using the app who’ve said the same. Seems like a big missed opportunity.
  • Could be better

    By RCC132
    Dowloaded this app after coming home from the NICU to keep track of baby. Mostly used for feeds and pee/poops but would use it more if I could. Very annoyed that you were constantly reminded to review the app with the big red header until you had done so - one star off for that. Having to manually sync (when hubby and I had been out or apart) was a pain in the butt - sync button was down so low, had to scroll for it all the time! One star off for that. If pumping both breasts, it annoyed me to have to record left and right separately as using the both button only yielded a combined total not separate totals. And while I’m ok with the rolling total volume for 24 hours, I prefer knowing the total pumped each day, so use another app for that. Would also like to be able to record the size of pee and poop. For the vaccinations, ours are delayed because of the preemie issue and having them fall into the missed section does not really help me get them done. Also not a fan that each family member on every device they use must pay the fee and download the upgraded app in order to sync.
  • Makes tracking easy (disable the gazillion alerts)

    By TrishTriathlon
    Great app to help track feedings, pumping and diapers. It defaults to having alerts for everything (check diaper, feed, you’ve been pumping for X time) which drove me nuts until I set it up so it just does a few reminders I want. The free app allows you to sync with your partner so you can both track and stay updated. It syncs more frequently if you pay for the app but the free app isn’t bad. Overall a great find for these first time parents.
  • Very helpful

    By AshleyBelle12
    Helpful with nanny/parent communication on children's day.
  • Love it

    By Needlelittleheart
    Love this app! Easy to use and just what I need. Coming from a first time momma
  • Love it!

    By whitneylp
    Makes life with a newborn so much easier. Love that it keeps track of everything I need to track for baby and gives me the option to make notes about some specific things. Definitely worth the download!