Smart Recorder and transcriber

Smart Recorder and transcriber

By Roe Mobile Development

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-10-04
  • Current Version: 4.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.83 MB
  • Developer: Roe Mobile Development
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 379 Ratings


Record, email/share, transcribe, trim/edit or organize, Smart Recorder allows you to easily create recordings and then transcribe them using the high quality dictate2us. Smart Recorder is a full featured recorder and transcriber offering many features beyond what is available in the built in voice memos app. The Smart Recorder family of products has over 1,000,000 device installs. It has been actively marketed and updated for seven years. Use it to record meetings, interview, lectures, classes, todo lists, shopping lists or even your kids voices. Record, Email/Share, Transcribe, Trim/Edit or Organize. What ever the task, Smart Recorder is the ideal tool. Check out these great features: - A large record button makes it easy to start and pause recordings - A main screen with the list of recordings created, each with a play button for easy playback - Tips and a comprehensive help system to get you up to speed quickly - Background recording and playback (other apps can run while Smart Recorder is recording or playing or your device can be sleeping during recording or playback) - iTunes file sharing - Flip mode for putting iPhone microphone on top - Email/export short recordings - Support for Dropbox if Dropbox app installed - Multiple supported mail/export formats including CAF, WAV, AIF and MP4. - iCloud support - Generation of ringtones for the iPhone - Add tags or pictures to mark positions in a recording - Time slider/forward/back buttons to quickly navigate through your recordings - Bluetooth and external headset support - Auto pause/voice activated recording - Variable speed playback with optional pitch correction - Many system settings to control the behavior of Smart Recorder - Stereo support - Append to existing recordings - Categorize/sort recordings - No time limit on recordings - Universal app for both iPhone and iPad - Geo tagging of recordings allows you to keep track of the location where they were created - Search allows you to search for conversations in a recording (based on the machine transcription) or for tags (or recordings with specific words in the title) Extra features (for purchase): - Disable advertising - Email/export long recordings - Voice enhancement - Trimming/editing - Machine transcription Buy now and you will get free upgrades with many new features!!! If you like this product, check out the Mac Smart Recorder at



  • Missing Features

    By Brown718
    I’m unable to apply certain features and I purchased full editing for the app. This app is hard to decipher.
  • Eh

    By Kres83
    The record function is pretty spot on but the transcription service is basically useless. It skips whole sentences, seems incapable of recognizing things like "uh" "ummm" and any transitional habits and tries to turn them into random strings of words. It also does not separate speakers or at the very least clear breaks in speaking (or any kind of signifiers that it simply failed to transcribe something), just runs every thing together and misses whole sets of words which makes the whole transcription senseless garble. It does give you good reminders of general points where something interesting was said but in terms of being able to actually reference the transcription its useless.
  • Doesn’t work

    By pezz26
    This used to work fine. It’s been awhile since I’ve recorded anything and it seems like everything has changed. And not in a good way. It doesn’t even record anymore. Not happy.
  • A Great App

    By Deanbacdoc
    This app is easy to use.
  • Don’t install

    By LifeLongDancer
    Worst program ever. All my recordings are totally unusable and damaged when I went back to retrieve them.
  • Great tool for writers and Reporters

    By ottermarkv
    Has never failed. I take good notes when interviewing people, but this app is a great backup—always good, clear fidelity and easy to use.
  • HEY! I-DIO-Ts – with the bad reviews.

    By WildBillWillie
    I'm sorry if thats harsh for those irresponsible lazy people that failed to do their due diligence before writing a review slamming this app. This app and all its features (except small infrequent bug) works perfectly well -in fact perfectly great. Almost all the bad reviews are complaints from people that are obviously far from being technically inclined or whining about the app not being free! Omg! Don't be so cheap! The developer mislead no one. All apps in Apples play-store has a drop-down menu describing the additional features and prices clearly, as well as in the app too. The developer simply gives everybody the option to purchase only what you need and SAVE on what you don't need. The app is completely free to try! I think that's generous and fair. For those complaining about the costs of transcription -this app offers THREE different variants to transcribe your recordings! One of them is completely free and instantly done by the computer via apples Siri, up to a premium option (with competitive rates) where humans listening confidently to your audio and precisely type the transcript for you! But if you didn’t know this, and your complaining, you probably didn’t read the instructions now did you? And for God sakes who expects that premium service to be free!? Not only does the developer have development costs but I believe they outsources the human transcribing service. How many of you work for free??? Sad that I have to spell it out for these people. Developer: My only feedback is that the app's workflow could be made much easier and more user-friendly, but great job! ...all the features do what they say, and do them well. There is one noticeable bug I’ve come across. Occasionally upon beginning to record, it jams up. It will show the audio meter moving but the timeline is stuck and it never captures the recording until you close the app and restart it. It's not a showstopper because you immediately could see it's not recording, then simply restart the app. iPad Pro 2 iOS 11.X 512 Gig. *Would you kindly add a quick start record option? Often, I need to begin recording within a split second notice for say an incoming phone call. It would be nice to have it begin recording automatically upon opening the app (where this option could be a preference switch in the settings). Best regards, and thank you.
  • Play button

    By Rev Barbra
    No play button. I record and the. There’s no play back. Most confusing recorder ever
  • Trickery

    By Veneas
    This app is fine if you want to record audio. Sure. If, however, you want to do anything at all with that audio, you need to buy the full version. If you want to transcribe the audio (the whole reason I got it), you need to subscribe to another paid service and get another app, which also records, so why would you need this? But wait, if you go ahead and get the other app, and pay for the service to transcribe (because you’ve already got audio on here you have to work with) you STILL have to buy the full version of this app too. Rubbish. Now I have audio I can do absolutely nothing with beyond listen to it and transcribe it myself manually.
  • Trim deleted my whole recording

    By Hanmholl
    The trim directions weren't clear and I ended up deleting my interview right before my deadline. Is there anyway to recover something that was deleted or undo a cut or anything! I am desperate at this point!