ihail T+

ihail T+

By Mobile Technologies International Pty Ltd

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ihail T+ is the Taxi Booking App for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area including service to and from Minneapolis, St. Paul, MSP Airport and all surrounding suburbs. Now you can easily book a ride based on your current GPS location or by entering in your pickup details. ihail T+ then locates the closest taxi to ensure prompt service. Using our live tracking feature, you can see all available vehicles in your area, received an estimated time to pickup and watch your taxi arrive on a map. Additional preferences allow you to turn on vehicle approaching notifications via email or text. You can also schedule future pickups from any location so use ihail T+ to book a taxi to the airport tomorrow or downtown this weekend. Choose from recent locations used or save your own favorites (i.e. Home, Work, Gym, Favorite Bar, etc.). Download our free app and begin ihailing a cab today.



  • Developer wrecked this app

    By krispyk61
    This app used to work great, but now I can’t even tell if it booked a taxi for me. I have deleted it and am now calling every time I need to get a taxi. You have to type in addresses every time, it doesn’t remember past bookings, and there is no where to look at current bookings. It’s useless. Why was it changed from the previous app? Will never use it again, and if I find a way to get a different type of car for airport runs I’ll do that too.
  • Are negative stars possible?

    By baue0242
    First of all, the app doesn’t book your taxi until 10 minutes before you need it. Even if you enter the booking the night before. This made taxis repeatedly late and this last time, I couldn’t get one at all. I opened up the Uber app, and they bailed me out. I use this service because I expect them to be able to handle bookings in advance. They can’t, so there is really no point. Go with Uber instead. They can do bookings in advance now. Second of all, I have never had such a terrible experience with customer service. I called to see what happened with my taxi. The lady on the other end was the most degrading and disrespectful customer service person I have talked to. First time I actually yelled at customer service on the phone before having the experience of getting hung up on. Absolutely unacceptable and I will never use this app or this taxi service again. I caution anyone who is considering this app, as I hope you can avoid such a negative experience.
  • Broken now

    By Hooked on ifarkle
    I used to use this app with no issues. Now with the + version it keeps telling me to enable location services, which has been enabled the whole time, and keeps asking me to enter my verification code, which I do then it just stays on the number keypad. I can’t even get into the actual app. Too bad, I used to use it for every airport ride.
  • Cab no show

    By Coop1099
    Booked a cab ahead of time for a early morning run to the airport and it never showed up. Upon booking I got no indication that there may not be a cab available. Finally when it was 10 minutes past our scheduled time the app said they were trying to find a cab. Ended up using Uber.
  • Map no longer works

    By J in mn
    This was never a great app, but at least it used to kind of work. Now the map doesn't show anymore under either iOS 10 or 11.
  • Worked great for me.

    By ElmoB5656565656565
    I needed a taxi kind of last minute early this morning. After calling several Minneapolis taxi companies and having three of them not answer the phone, I had the fourth company actually answer and tell me that they had no taxis in my area that could pick me up! I live in Minneapolis (Uptown) and "Minneapolis" is the name of this particular taxi company! I then remembered seeing this app advertised and decided to download it. I was able to get registered in probably two minutes. I hailed a cab and had one booked in under a minute. He was there in about five minutes and I could track his location on the map the whole time I was waiting. The driver was friendly and fast and knew where he was going. Overall it was an easy and pain free experience. I rarely have to use a taxi but when I need to again in the future, I'm glad I have this app.
  • Worked like a charm

    By Brog42
    I scheduled a ride to the airport the night before. I received email confirmation shortly before the scheduled time. I was able to to open the app and see where my driver was. He stopped at a different door, which I was able to see and walk over to meet him, just as he was starting to call me. The driver was personable and it was an enjoyable ride. He spoke very highly about iHail.
  • Just call a taxi

    By musicsaysall
    The app is clunky. I prebooked a taxi because my car is in the shop and I have a really tight timeline to get between campuses. I put name of the school and the specific side and door to pick me up. The iHail drove right past me, even though I waved at it. I had to wait 10 minutes to get another one and was late. I could have walked and been just as late. I called dispatch about it and got a lukewarm apology.
  • Don't bother

    By John21
    It doesn't tell you when a cab is expected to arrive. It doesn't allow you to cancel a ride request. I ended up just hailing a cab.
  • Frustrating - not enough info, bad UI

    By lalanl
    There is no indication as to whether a car is coming or not—it simultaneously says "booked" and "attempting to locate nearest taxi". There's no way to cancel, too. So the taxi shows up 15 minutes after I give up and drive myself.