KORG iPolysix for iPad

KORG iPolysix for iPad


  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2012-11-26
  • Current Version: 1.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.61 MB
  • Developer: KORG INC.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 241 Ratings


iPolysix is an analog polyphonic synthesizer that's been carefully designed to take full advantage of the 7.9-inch display of the new iPad mini as well as the iPad. Bringing together a sequencer, drum machine, and even a mixer, it transforms your iPad or iPad mini into the ultimate analog synth studio. Pack an amazing set of early-'80s analog equipment into your iPad, and time-travel back to the dawn of polyphonic synthesizers! Highlights: ● The world-wide best-selling Polysix polyphonic synthesizer, fully replicated on your iPad ● Use the newly developed Polyseq polyphonic step sequencer to control the Polysix ● A music production environment including two Polysix units, a drum machine, and a mixer ● Dual Kaoss Pads with chordal support make it easy for anyone to play analog synth sounds ● Polyshare powered by SoundCloud lets you publish, share, and remix songs with iPolysix users ● The world-wide best-selling Polysix polyphonic synthesizer Korg's Polysix, a six-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer, went on sale in 1981. While a popular synthesizer of that time was able to produce only five notes simultaneously, the Polysix had six-note polyphony, and its name was an expression of its designers' pride. iPolysix uses Korg's proprietary "CMT" (Component Modeling Technology) to simulate the actual electronic circuits of the original unit, perfectly reproducing the original Polysix. ● The newly developed Polyseq polyphonic step sequencer Polyseq is a polyphonic step sequencer that provides up to 64 steps, newly developed in order to take full advantage of the Polysix's capabilities. Polyseq provides a different operating feel than a conventional piano-roll sequencer or even a step sequencer; it's a new yet somehow familiar experience, as if you were retracing the evolution of electronic musical instruments. Don't miss the opportunity to try out this perfect match; the Polysix+Polyseq. ● A music production environment including two Polysix units, a drum machine, and a mixer iPolysix has been created as a professional music production tool. In addition to two Polysix units, it provides a six-part drum machine, and an analog mixer that's reminiscent of the KMX-8 mixer. You'll have everything you need to produce great sounding music. Surrounded by analog equipment, you'll imagine that you've time-traveled back to the early '80s. ● Dual Kaoss Pads with chordal support The large multi-touch display shows two Kaoss Pads which you can control using both hands to perform music. This enables creative performance even for those who have no musical knowledge. These Kaoss Pads have been customized for iPolysix to allow not only single-note performance, but also chordal playing with just one finger; a new experience made possible only by a combination of new and old technology, the Polysix+Kaoss Pad. ● Polyshare powered by SoundCloud lets you publish, share, and remix songs with iPolysix users around the world Polyshare is a function for iPolysix users to share their songs. It's based on SoundCloud, the song sharing service favored by music creators. You can make your song available to iPolysix users around the world simply by uploading the song directly from the app. You can download and upload remixable tracks. It's easy to enjoy remixing and collaboration with users around the world. * You will need to register for a SoundCloud account in order to use SoundCloud. Also, when using SoundCloud, you must observe SoundCloud Ltd.'s terms of use, such as the prohibition on uploading songs whose copyright is the property of a third party. For details, refer to the SoundCloud website : http://soundcloud.com * System requirements: iPad mini or iPad series (iPad 2 or later is recommended)




    By mambonassau
    7/27 EDIT: Korg, your boilerplate "sorry for the inconvenience" response makes no sense here. I'm not complaining about a specific issue, but rather the absolute (and seemingly intentional?) obsolescence of iPolysix as a functioning app in the current iPad music landscape. It's not AU, has no IAA, has no Ableton Link, has no extended MIDI functions, and doesn't interact with Gadget. It's not even integrated into the going KORG iPad environment, let alone the whole complex ecosystem that's come about as the tablet has matured. The complaint is basically, "I paid a lot of money for this app and it stopped updating 2 years ago, despite the fact that music app standards have continued to shift and grow. Now I'm frustrated that I wasted my time writing songs in it." And my review is a warning: don't buy this if you want something that ever updates and plays nicely (or at all) with other apps. 6/18 EDIT: It’s been months and Korg hasn’t so much as glanced my way on this. As of now, iPolysix is a $30 app with no support and no future. It features some of my favorite sounds and workflow, but it’s just not keeping up with the times - or even other Korg apps! I strongly suggest looking elsewhere, if only to avoid the heartbreak I’ve had with this thing. I feel like I wasted two years making music with it. iPolysix was my first iPad music love, the groovebox/synth whose ease, versatility, and top-notch retro voices made me believe the iOS hype when stuff like Tabletop, Figure, and Rhythm still felt undernourished and full of early house-ish cheese. But over time I've been forced to abandon it, as Korg has done essentially nothing to make it vibe with current connectivity standards: no Ableton Link, no extended MIDI functions, no AU stuff, no absorption into Gadget - like I said, nothing. I have something like 50 iPS tracks that are dying to be piped into/arranged further in Gadget or beatmatched with iElectribe/Patterning/ElasticDrums/iMPC or treated track by track with AU/IAP plugins (either in iPS itself or, even better, via some multitrack output to Auria), but it's hard to shake the feeling that I've invested hours upon hours into Korg's redheaded abandonware stepchild, leaving my tracks in a perpetual demo state. Prove me wrong, Korg!
  • A classic

    By Fuffy1
    I was 18 when I saw this keyboard in a music store. I could not afford one. I have always wanted one, and finally can check one out. For the price, it is a lot of fun. There are more powerful modern features added than on the original too. Thx
  • Desperately needs an update!

    By corey hennis
    Hands down, my favorite app to use. It's five stars for me but I'm taking one off because the SoundCloud feature hasn't worked properly in at least 3 years. C'mon Korg, please don't ignore this app. I keep hoping for a good update, let's get it fixed.
  • 🚨

    By Greg.ni
    Needs an Update. Fix the SoundCloud feature and please add some new presets
  • Cloud crash city...

    By gamist
    This app *used to be* super stable. Per a prior complaint, cloud is unavailable from crashes on ios 9 :( UPDATE Still buggy, and broken cloud on IOS 10
  • Desperately needs an update

    By umami
    The MIDI functionality of this app is way behind the evolution of iOS. Has very limited IAA support--buyer beware. I would have expected more upkeep from a company like Korg.
  • Great App - Wish it had more MIDI control.

    By TrevorGWI
    This is one of my favorite apps for making music on the road. Love that I have two Polysixes and a complete drum kit to compose with on its step sequencer. Really wish I had more options for integrating with my MIDI studio when I get home.
  • Past due for an update

    By Strizbiz
    With the one year anniversary coming up in little over a week since the last update, I'd say it's past due for one, nothing major as the synth is what it is, but to make it more iOS 10 friendly, and something that would actually make it a big update, make it able to open in Gadget, or what would be even better, make it an audio unit. It's still a great synth, but let's not get complacent, as we know how apps can get when they aren't at the very least, insured to run with the latest iOS without any hiccups.
  • Update - Great app with few issues

    By mrdogheadSHoGoAT
    Mainly my updated review is a rethink. Great sound; polyphonic step- or/and performance sequencer; vast automation power over almost every knob, switch, slider, or wheel; sound, pattern, and song memory; customizable dual X/Y pads, which record to the sequencer; easy export; six-part drum synth with all sorts of possibilities; audiobus; downloadable projects and sounds; it allows users to set precise values in a repeatable way (which is shamefully uncommon on this platform); and then some more stuff as well. The app is stable and extremely reliable under heavy usage. It does not interact with Korg Gadget and it should. It could do MIDI better. I do not care that it has minimal presets. Analog(ue) machines come with no presets. It has enough presets. This is, however, a creativity-feeding powerhouse. None of the complaints in the reviews engage with the enormous strengths of this app. This is a great app. The old, also-positive review follows below. I have loved this app since release. It has a great analog(ue)-style sequencer that allows performance as well as step entry and gives an easy visual overview of the notes and the dynamics of the pattern. The core synth is a strong representation of the old hardware version. This strength centers around rich sound in unison mode as well as in full poly mode, but some of the limitations the app carries over from the hardware also - so far as they serve to force creative use of other components - give the synth a certain level of distinctiveness or addition by subtraction. Throw in a pair of Kaoss-type pads, a pattern sequencer, great automation features, and a few other bonuses and you have a superb app. Highly recommended - even with the following complaints in mind. Korg has done little to update this or any other app, beyond early bug fixes and audiobus and system updates. Why does Korg not provide better interoperability among its various apps? Standalone functionality is always welcome, but finding and facilitating synergy among their apps would benefit Korg as well as past and future purchasers. Now the Soundcloud link does not work. Time for more bug fixing - and, one hopes, a few more moments of attention and productive development of a great older app.
  • Wish it came with more sounds...

    By Ghostnmac
    Sure, you can design them yourself but a bigger library would be extremely helpful for those not looking to get so deep into sound design.