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Constant Therapy is an award-winning cognitive and speech app, which as part of a healthy lifestyle may help people cope with stroke, traumatic brain injury, or who have aphasia, dementia and other speech-language disorders. The app can be used to practice speech, language, cognition, memory, reading, attention and comprehension skills with more than 75 task categories, over 100,000 exercises, and 10 difficulty levels. Patient / Individual Benefits: - Use personalized exercises at home or with your clinician. - Get up to 4 times more practice, with immediate feedback on progress. - Pairs perfectly with in clinic cognitive and speech therapy. Clinician Benefits: - Customize evidence-based exercises for all your clients. - Enable patients to automatically receive homework from an extensive library of ever-growing tasks. - Review patient compliance and progress reports so you can make better clinical decisions. The Science Behind Constant Therapy: Constant Therapy was designed by scientists at Boston University, has won awards from American Stroke Association and AARP, and is recommended by speech language pathologists, neurologists and occupational therapists. Exercises are specifically customized for each person's unique needs – so the program adapts to progress and performance each day. Research published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience showed that stroke and traumatic brain injury patients who had access to Constant Therapy under clinical supervision did 4 times more exercises, and showed significant improvements in speech, language, and cognitive abilities compared to patients who only received speech therapy in clinic.* Easy Access: - Constant Therapy is free for clinicians, educators and researchers in one-on-one therapy sessions with their patients. - A free trial of up to 15 days is available for patients and individuals seeking online care from the Constant Therapy speech app - After trial, users may continue Constant Therapy with a monthly subscription of $24.99/month or annual subscription of $249.99/year through their iTunes Account. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. Users will not be automatically billed after the trial - Subscriptions will automatically renew at $24.99/month or $249.99/year through your iTunes Account unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. For more information, see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Testimonials “My son has used the Constant Therapy app about three times a week. It’s very easy to use, and it gives him immediate feedback. He now understands things faster, can make decisions with less hesitation, has improved recognition of words, and his confidence is higher.” ~Miriam, Patient Caregiver “The Constant Therapy app makes my speech therapy job much easier. It records patient progress automatically and enables my patients with brain injury to continue their therapy at home. I can immediately see how they are performing.” ~Laura L., Phd, CCC-SLP “I love the reports and analytics we get from the Constant Therapy app. An average clinician should save 30-45 minutes in paperwork time per patient visit due to the Constant Therapy app.” ~Bob D., Speech-Language Pathologist Contact Us Email – Visit Online – Privacy Policy – Terms of Use – * Study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, “Effectiveness of an impairment-based individualized rehabilitation program using an iPad-based software platform,” may be found at: ** Constant Therapy does not provide rehabilitation services and does not guarantee improvements in brain function. Constant Therapy provides tools for self-help and tools for patients to work with their clinicians



  • Bad user experience

    By Milly1000
    My family member who has dementia can only do very low level tasks and has enjoyed using this but the app forces you to regularly answer questions that are irrelevant and that are not at this individual’s comprehension level. They are annoying, intrusive and can’t be permanently bypassed, and contribute to a terrible user experience. For that reason we will no longer be renewing this app.
  • Rare stroke survivor

    By Paws on my heart
    This app has been really helpful so far, and is helping me regain my memory from a stroke. My doctor wanted me to try therapy, but understood our situation. I seeker out this app to help me.
  • Wonderful App

    By Frustrate me
    As a recent stroke victim, I had trouble speaking and trouble typing as well as short term memory problems. Constant Therapy has been a blessing. In the past 5 weeks it has brought me back to almost normal functioning. I can speak clearly. This is better than an in-person therapist. Just a short email or phone call and your tasks are customized to narrow in on the problem areas. I cannot sing the praises of ConstantTherapy enough. I have recommended it to all my doctors and therapists. It has brought me back from the brink of despair to a fully functional person. Thank you Constant Therapy for a truly revolutionary product!
  • The BEST Cognitive and Speech Language App

    By Vocab guru
    I cannot say enough good things about this app. I work in a skilled nursing facility. Both my patients and I love it. I have been a speech therapist for 31 years and have accumulated quite a collection of workbooks. However, since I am using Constant Therapy, I will not be using those workbooks very much. I love the variety of exercises and how it provides a summary of the patient’s performance. This makes report writing and data collection a breeze. My patients want to do their “homework”. The staff at Constant Therapy are so helpful whenever I have questions. They even have an inservice to help the therapist learn about all the features of the program. If you want a quality comprehensive tool to improve your patients’ communication and cognition, you have to check this out!!!!! Thank you Constant therapy developers and support staff for all you do😊
  • Wonderful app

    By lovely but limited
    This has been so incredibly helpful! It’s also interesting and sometimes fun. The only reason that I did not give it five stars is because if I don’t see my speech therapist who can adjust the levels, it doesn’t always pick up on my feedback (like when I say too hard or too easy). But the people who work there are awesome and I Have to admit that I didn’t try to talk to them about this problem yet. In any case, I highly recommend this app to anyone suffering from any cognitive deficits!
  • Good app but it has a long way to go

    By strokepatient2017
    I have used (and paid for) this app for over 6 months now. I have done over 1,000 tasks. The speech recognition software is about 90% accurate. It is limited in the amount of material that they use. I find myself doing the same exercises ever and over again. For the amount that I am paying, I think that they should have more examples.
  • Outpatient and post dischargrge

    By standad43
    this app fit my needs perfectly during outpatient SLP and OT since it untethered me from having to do all of my therapy at my therapist’s office while maintaining her engagement in the therapeutic process. As I am still not able to drive, it lightened the burden on my wife and allowed us to return more rapidly to “normal” life post stroke (travel, vacations, etc.) while staying involved in an ongoing brain healing regime. Post discharge I have continued with the program using a privately retained “therapy and tech Personal Trainer”, a recent therapy school grad with significant tech skills and CT experience who could adjust and customize the mix of CT exercises and give me feedback on progress. She has also helped me to overcome barriers to executive functioning by assisting with my mastery of iCal and Evernotes to build tech and organizational skills that I never dreamed of pre-stroke. While I continue to have some residual deficits and weaknesses, I am optimistic about the opportunities for major continuing progress.I Cannot say enough about the benefits of CT AND have recommended it so often that I joke that I should go on Commission. However, knowing that I may have helped someone as I have been helped is all the recompense I need. Thanks to all those who designed and built this phenomenal application!
  • My Deep Thanks

    By Lelo Marin
    I had an occipital stroke three years ago and since I have relied on Constant Therapy for my daily attempts at recovery. I only have praise and gratitude for their constant support and friendship and thank them from my heart: May God bless them. I find myself writing another testimonial to recognize the gigantic help it provides to stroke victims, The multiple exercises and the informative reports contribute to create an extremely friendly approach that makes me look forward to the tasks. may God Bless the CT team.I want to again convey my gratitude to the Constant Therapy team for creating and running an excellent program for those like myself, stroke victims. May God Bless you all. this is a remarkable web site, challenging and maintained and actualizado 3veryvday, I have become addicted to it and have nothing but gratitude to all of those who comprise 4he marvelous CT Team. may Gid Bless the Team.
  • This is just like my therapy I have at Moss!

    By Anndogg1
    I spend an hour of every mon through fri and I absolutely love it!
  • Seems to help my t.b.i

    By JohnnyCrash57
    Helps my short term memory that’s why I do all of them