Green Trails Maps - Mapps

Green Trails Maps - Mapps

By Green Trails Maps

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2011-12-08
  • Current Version: 5.62
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 109.03 MB
  • Developer: Green Trails Maps
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 2
From 58 Ratings


Green Trails Maps Digital Map Viewer and Mapp Store. It combines all the detail and accuracy that has made our recreation topographic maps famous with the Iphones scrolling, zooming, GPS capabilities. Use the Iphones GPS to find and track your position while hiking, biking, or horse back riding the trails! Once a MAP is installed on your Iphone no cell/wifi connection is required- perfect for the backcountry.



  • The maps, they are HUGE

    By captobie
    I have two sectionals downloaded to my iPhone X, together they take up 4 GB of phone storage. And despite the processing power of the iPhone X and iPad Pro, the maps take time to redraw every time I scroll them. The app seems like it has a lot of potential. I’d highly recommend just buying one map for $0.99 and testing it out before investing in a lot of money in the maps.
  • Annoying almost to the point of uselessness

    By NW_Hiker
    The poor UI and lack of directions have been bad. Today there was a new twist. When I arrived at the trailhead and opened the app, there was a dialogue asking me to update the app. It would not work until I updated, so I wasted time and data with poor reception to update. When I restarted the app, it had deleted all the maps I had bought. It knew I had bought them, but wanted me to download them again. Downloading a 1.7 gigabyte map would have used most of my cellular data for the month. Doing it on a weak cellular connection would have taken hours. It is like green trails is intentionally trying to be the worst app possible.
  • DANGER!!! Don't trust your fate. Mapps does not rate.

    By Michael R. Wolf
    This Mapp app is NOT SAFE as one of the "10 Essentials"!!! At home on my couch, this app was confusing, frustrating, poorly designed and incapable of displaying the map that I purchased in-app as I was planning my back country trip. In the woods, this app would be a danger to my safety. I love the "solar powered" (i.e. paper and plastic PRINTED) maps, and WILL carry them on my hiking and snowshoeing trips. I would have love to Carey and electronic supplement or alternative. Unfortunately, this Mapp app is not it!
  • Horrible implementation and battery drainer

    By Texas Aggie alum 1993
    I use a number of trail map apps. Although green trail map data is good their app is horrible. Try to never use or use only for a second and then totally shut down. Even if you use the battery settings in the app to avoid drain it still voraciously consumes battery vastly more than any other apps. I hope it is improved.
  • Works for me

    By TheWarder500
    I love green trail maps, I own almost all the paper versions as well. The app works great for me using my iPhone 7. I don’t know how the GPS receiver on a phone compares to something like a dedicated handheld Garmin hiking GPS unit. But in my experience I have had great accuracy using this app in medium dense forest and open terrain. the app puts me clearly on the map so I know exactly where I am which really helps. The maps look phenomenal too. Way better than any Garmin gps map lol. Plus my phones screen is much nicer and the touch capabilities while moving the map around are great. I’ve had no problems with this newer app over the past 3 months and am very happy to see my paper maps in digital form layered over google maps for great views of the terrain.
  • Great app!!

    By Hiker223
    I have been a long time user of green trails maps and continue to appreciate the amount of detail they include on there maps. This app only furthered my love for green trails. Definitely recommend!!!
  • Maps are great, app is terrible

    By thinkling
    It looks like the app has had a major overhaul, but I'm sad to say it's still really bad. Some issues: - Crashes regularly - Loses your maps when major app updates come out. Better check the app at home before you go hiking or you'll find yourself at the trailhead without cell service and without maps. - Restoring previously purchased apps doesn't work: you have to redownload them one by one - Only displays one map at a time; if you want to see the adjoining map you have to hit the "recycle" button to switch - UI design is deeply terrible - Still the weird "search by list" and "search by index" -- how about "by name" vs "by location"? - searching by name is broken: doesn't do partial name matching. Search for "Mt Si" doesn't find the map because the map name has two spaces between Mt and Si. - Map files are enormous: with the "index" map and 3 maps downloaded, it's using 5GB of storage. Of course detail is valuable but maybe a different image file format would save space? - The information from the back of the maps does not seem to be available. The Green Trails maps themselves are fantastic and so I'm still using the app but beware before you start...
  • Maps won't finish downloading

    By TenaciousMoss
    I purchased several of the Green Trails Maps and these purchases have been charged to my credit card but none will complete the download process. I attempt to download one map at a time and after 5 minutes it completes about 10% of the download and stops and replaces the download status progress with the download button again. After days of trying I've given up. Hope your experience is better, but I've wasted about $30 on map purchases I cannot download.
  • Work In Progress

    By 107Chief
    Lots of potential for this app to be an indispensable tool in the backcountry! Physical Green Trails Maps are my go-to when backpacking, and I'm excited to finally see the app get some love! However, proceed with caution, as this is still a work in progress. Maps are slow to load, the UI is rough, and the app will crash frequently. Many maps are not yet available, marked as "coming soon". This includes a map I purchased in a previous version of the app (Leavenworth 178), which is no longer available in this version. Definitely would not recommend relying on this in the backcountry at its current stage of development. However, I'm looking forward to doing so with future versions of this app, which iron out the bugs and include more content.
  • Disappointing

    By Jeremyjc
    The only time I am using Green maps is when I really need a map. I would never consider using this app as a primary map. For the low cost per map, it's worth experimenting. Don't download without the understanding that the software is buggy and unreliable. *update a year later Jan 2016* Same issues. I really had good feeling about GTM until I started using this app. It has so much promise when it works, but I feel like the money I've spent on maps has been wasted