By NOTION Music, Inc.

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2011-12-16
  • Current Version: 2.0.183
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 213.27 MB
  • Developer: NOTION Music, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 or later.
Score: 4
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With over five years in the App Store, Notion is a best-selling music notation app for iPad and iPhone. Notion has been featured in various Apple campaigns including the 2014 YourVerse television commercials and has won several awards, most recently a prestigious music industry NAMM TEC Award for Best Smartphone/Tablet App. Notion is a notation editor and playback tool for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, (any iOS8 compatible device) giving you the convenience of an easy-to-use music creation tool right at your fingertips—and you can sync your music files across multiple devices! With a user-friendly interface and simple interactive piano keyboard, fretboard, and drum pad, and even optional handwriting recognition, Notion makes it easy to get started composing your music. And, with Notion's abundance of advanced functions you can take your most basic ideas to an entirely new level right on your iOS device or share with Notion 6 for Mac or Windows. You can also hear your music performed with the most realistic playback possible, using real audio samples performed by The London Symphony Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Notion comes bundled with piano and orchestral samples as well as popular instruments such as guitar, bass, and much more. The initial app download contains piano - you can then manage which of the bundled sounds to have on your device, or keep in the cloud, just tap on Sounds. Once you have the sounds, you can create the perfect balance using the full-featured multi-track mixer with effects. Once you are happy with your creation you can share the Notion file, or MIDI, MusicXML, PDF or audio files. Share files with other apps on your device, or with AirDrop using the Send To.. feature. Print via AirPrint, e-mail from the app, or send the audio directly to your SoundCloud account. You can automatically sync your scores across devices, and with Notion 6 for Windows and Mac, by using iCloud and Dropbox. Notion Features: - Handwriting in-app purchase for iPad now available - Enter, edit, and playback notation, tab, or both - Notion widget available to open a quick score, or recent scores - Orchestral samples by The London Symphony Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios. - Piano, keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass - MIDI step-time entry with your favorite MIDI device or MIDI Bluetooth device - Record real-time MIDI input into your score. - Audition Mode: Use the on-screen virtual instruments to hear sounds before entering them into your score. - Clean and intuitive user interface - Support for retina display - Native 64-bit support - Option to tap in notes with finger or stylus - Interactive piano keyboard, 24-fret guitar fretboard and drumpad for step, and realtime, entry - Quick and simple selection palette - Distortion and reverb effects - Full audio mixer - Full range of orchestral functions and articulations including: Staccato, Flutter tongues, Trills, Vibrato, and much more… - Full range of guitar functions and articulations including: bends, vibrato, slides, hammer on, pull off, mutes, whammy bar techniques, bass slap, harmonics, and more… - Drag score items such as dynamics - Switch Instruments - Transposition - Insert text - Rehearsal Marks - Lyrics - Chord Symbols and Diagrams - Rhythm Slashes - Cross staff beaming for grand staff instruments - Swing - Continuous and Page View - Quick “Undo” and “Redo” functions - Chord and melody modes - Easy delete and erase capabilities - Enter and edit title and composer information - Save as an audio file - Import .notion, MIDI, MusicXML, GuitarPro 3-5 files - Export/email .notion, PDF, MusicXML, .WAV, AAC or MIDI files - Sync with iCloud, Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing - Print to AirPrint enabled printers - Expand your bundled sound library with in-app purchases - Help Files - And much more…



  • Time for an overhaul. Update ?!! It’s been a year...

    By Biznatchio
    I’ve used too many other notation programs to not eventually go crazy with point and click single note entry. For an iPad hobby app it’s fine. And it does have a Swiss Army knife appeal. But it’s time for a serious overhaul on the interface. If the zoom thing was fixed and menus popping up when you don’t want them was remedied it would go along to make up for the single note entry. But the selection tool is mind numbing in frustration. It makes the app equally as frustrating as it is beneficial. Makes it hard to be loyal. For lack of a better word. It’s close.
  • Looks better than it is

    By pleskorb
    Hand writing recognition in this app is terrible. Outside of hand recognition this app feels extremely clunky to write or edit music in. I’m shocked Apple would feature this app.
  • Very useful & helpful

    By WK Music
    It’s a great app that had help me in my studies and also in my work. The handwriting is very good, but sometimes doesn’t work perfectly, but that’s a minor problem. The would recommend to create an option that let us vary the measure number per system. It would be very helpful for finishing a work for the print view and make easier the sight reading. Another thing that it’s a problem is that sometimes when I try to open a file the app crashes and doesn’t let me work. That would be the greatest problem. I hope that you can fix it. Thanks!
  • So close to greatness

    By Alex1989P
    Please fix the following in handwriting mode and I’ll change my rating: 1-you can’t draw a tie or a slur over a bar line. 2-you can’t draw in dynamic markings like “p” or a crescendo 3- you cant draw a ritardando or accelerando
  • Unusable with iOS 10

    By Lurch L
    I can't speak to Notion's performance with iOS 9 and earlier versions, but attempting to select notes and other elements by any method - even just trying to choose the Select icon - will crash the app if you're running iOS 10. Not just occasionally - every time. So you either need to get it right the first time on your iPad, or edit in the Windows or Mac versions of Notion. It runs in Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.1, but all other bets are off. Presonus is aware of the problem in iOS 10, but is uncertain about when it'll be fixed. Until then, *don't buy it* if you've already updated to iOS 10. UPDATE 7/29/2018 - Notion is about as intuitive as tuning up a Ferrari, and about as easy to use. First off, the help guide isn't searchable, so you have to manually plow through looking for what you want. There seems to be no way to select one set of notes and rests and insert a similarly time-valued replacement - no copy and replace. You can only delete and then slide in the new note(s) or symbol(s). Then I couldn't find a way to insert a crescendo. It didn't appear with the dynamics symbols, and it wasn't with the trills as the help file indicated. I originally bought Notion to have a scratchpad tool for writing music on the iPad, but by the time I figure out how to do something, the original idea is gone. If there were an iPad version of Finale, I'd be using it. As it stands, I'm stuck with a difficult-to-use turkey.
  • Satisfied

    By Tinman N Oz
    I’ve been using Notion for a month now and it is pretty much doing what I need it to do so far. I got it because many of the other apps looked like they were going to nickel and dime me for every feature and Notion provided almost everything. Entering text can be frustrating and extremely inconsistent. One moment it is acting like you would expect and the next it just won’t allow you to hyphenate or move to the next syllable. Cut/Paste will start changing note pitches or paste random clippings. All and all thanks for a decent product.
  • Will not recognize Apple Pencil

    By Christopher2M
    I bought a new iPad specifically so I could use an Apple Pencil composing with the Notion app and I am just about to give up. The app either does not accept input from the Apple Pencil or I draw the notes, see them on the screen, and then they disappear. It is incredibly frustrating. This is something they need to fix. I strongly suggest you do not purchase this app if you want to use it to hand write music with Apple Pencil. You will be frustrated and miserable.
  • good but not enough

    By Mozessi
    A good app but i cannot download the instruments ,,,,
  • Happy Camper

    By Heavenly CWJ
    I am so pleased with this app. I am having a lot of fun using it. The customer service help and handbook was prompt and useful. I am so happy!!!
  • Good Music App

    By Isaac Davanzo
    This is probably the most app used on my phone. I use it to write most of my music, as I cannot really afford any of those $500 music notation programs. The sound quality of the instruments is very good and gives you an excellent idea at what it might sound like being performed by a live orchestra. It runs very well and the controls are all very easy once you get the hang of them.