Weather Radio by WDT

Weather Radio by WDT

By Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.

Score: 3
From 1,400 Ratings


Weather Radio enables you to receive critical alerts via voice and push notification regarding life-threatening weather events. Your iPhone will “wake up” with alerts and also track your location to warn you wherever you go. Listen to local weather forecasts while on the move. Enjoy the power of a NOAA Weather Radio, with all the convenience and precision of a smart phone.   Features: ¥ ACCURATE ALERTS- Provides the most precise alerts compared to other similar apps on the market ¥ COMPLETE CONTROL- Choose only the type of alerts you want to receive ¥ FOLLOW ME- Alerts you when a watch/warning is issued in your area ¥ MULTIPLE LOCATIONS- Ensure friends & family are safe by saving up to 5 additional locations ¥ AUDIO- Hear beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type ¥ RADAR- Quickly reference your location to adverse weather using radar with watch and warning overlays ¥ QUICK FORECAST- Access current and forecast weather information for remote locations ¥ VOICE OVER- Works for the visually impaired ¥ VIDEO- View streaming video of severe weather coverage for up-to-the-minute information   In App Purchases: LIGHTNING ALERTS- $4.99 - Lightning alerts are sent when a lightning strike is first detected within 6 miles of your location and an all clear is sent when no lightning is detected within that range for 30 minutes. In addition to alerts, view real-time lightning strikes on the map.   About WDT: Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. is a weather content and technology partner for many major weather brands in the U.S. Weather is our business and weather safety is our passion.   Community: Learn more about Weather Radio and receive update notifications and information.   Support: Visit our support page for FAQs and questions.



  • Does. Not. Work. At. All.

    By scottkle
    This app is very sporadic, and when it comes to severe weather alerts that’s not good enough. It’s hard to believe this app is made by the same company that makes the awesome RadarScope. I tweeted them today to ask if they ever considered adding push alerts to that app and was told that weatherradio sends alerts to Apple Watch. First off, it doesn’t. The watch mirrors notifications from the iPhone; there’s no watch component to the app. Here’s hoping this company can somehow take the success they found in RadarScope and turn it into something useful here.
  • Abandonware Weather

    By XLake218
    This was once a terrific app. Now it seems to be left for dead. Sadly deleting it after several years of use. RIP
  • App needs updating

    By Techno-Dog
    I use to rely on this app however it’s become buggy and does not push out weather updates reliably anymore. It needs to be upgraded to support iOS 11 and iOS 12 when iOS 12 is released. The last update you released was 2 years ago it says. That’s no good. I could go to the local new stations weather app and ditch this one, however their app does not push out notifications when do not disturb is enabled and I think this one does.
  • Needs an Update🙃

    By ChrisKitzman
    This app hasn't been updated in 2 years! It's not fully compatible with the iPhone X & is slow & buggish
  • Used to be Great App

    By metro3947
    This really gives you realtime weather alerts based on your location. Had location turned off for app for first month... Turned it on and haven't noticed any difference in battery life. Accurate weather too. Update: 7/17/18 Used to be great but feels like the app has been abandoned. It hasn’t been updated in over a year and notifications are delayed. Wish it worked because I’m looking for a new weather app with lightning alerts 10-15 miles away. Could have been a great fit.
  • Won’t restore my purchase

    By ecaglover
    I spent $10 5 years ago to buy the full version of this app after a tornado hit my family’s town. It was recommended attest time by meteorologists and it worked great! About a year or so ago, the app reset and it no longer accepted my purchase. I’ve entered every email address I’ve ever had. Nothing. $10 down the drain! I’ll spend my money elsewhere moving forward.
  • Junk

    By B0007
    Have had this on my iPad for years, originally enjoyed app and it’s audio alerts. I read all the poor reviews and thought, can’t be that bad, so I installed on new, clean iPhone. Result, totally worthless, just like reviews. The Edit Location function (move pin) either does not work at all or drops multiple pins where you move it to. Unsatisfactory. As other write-ups, WAS a good app, not sure what they are doing with the money charged, but it is NOT supporting this app. Please spend even an afternoon and get the basic function restored! I guess today’s drink is on me (4.99 I spent)
  • This app is awful!!

    By Chip2008$
    Looks like a kid in kindergarten designed it! Update please, it’s 2018!! This was simply a rip off!!
  • Unable to restore purchases

    By Steve Crow
    "Restore purchases" link for lightning does not work on iPad
  • Guess this is a dead app?

    By AustxCyclist
    Like a previous customer mentioned - this used to be an app I enjoyed and relied on but it’s been several years without an update and weather notifications no longer work. This app is fairly useless without those notifications. Too bad.