Weather Radio by WDT

Weather Radio by WDT

By Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.

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Weather Radio enables you to receive critical alerts via voice and push notification regarding life-threatening weather events. Your iPhone will “wake up” with alerts and also track your location to warn you wherever you go. Listen to local weather forecasts while on the move. Enjoy the power of a NOAA Weather Radio, with all the convenience and precision of a smart phone.   Features: ¥ ACCURATE ALERTS- Provides the most precise alerts compared to other similar apps on the market ¥ COMPLETE CONTROL- Choose only the type of alerts you want to receive ¥ FOLLOW ME- Alerts you when a watch/warning is issued in your area ¥ MULTIPLE LOCATIONS- Ensure friends & family are safe by saving up to 5 additional locations ¥ AUDIO- Hear beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type ¥ RADAR- Quickly reference your location to adverse weather using radar with watch and warning overlays ¥ QUICK FORECAST- Access current and forecast weather information for remote locations ¥ VOICE OVER- Works for the visually impaired ¥ VIDEO- View streaming video of severe weather coverage for up-to-the-minute information   In App Purchases: LIGHTNING ALERTS- $4.99 - Lightning alerts are sent when a lightning strike is first detected within 6 miles of your location and an all clear is sent when no lightning is detected within that range for 30 minutes. In addition to alerts, view real-time lightning strikes on the map.   About WDT: Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. is a weather content and technology partner for many major weather brands in the U.S. Weather is our business and weather safety is our passion.   Community: Learn more about Weather Radio and receive update notifications and information.   Support: Visit our support page for FAQs and questions.



  • Unable to restore purchases

    By Steve Crow
    "Restore purchases" link for lightning does not work on iPad
  • Guess this is a dead app?

    By AustxCyclist
    Like a previous customer mentioned - this used to be an app I enjoyed and relied on but it’s been several years without an update and weather notifications no longer work. This app is fairly useless without those notifications. Too bad.
  • Glitchy App that apparently hasn’t been updated in 2 years

    By LexisLuther
    The UI has glitchy and distracting menu animations that cannot be disabled. In addition to the superficial, I also encountered a bug that affects core functionality. When attempting to add my parent’s home address to monitor, the app couldn’t find it. When I tried to drag a pin to their home on the map from a nearby city, the map glitched out and showed two pins but would not let me drag either of them to their location for which I wanted to receive alerts. I see that the app has not been updated in 2 years. After enjoying RadarScope Pro for years, I didn’t doubt this purchase for a second. Now that I’ve spent money on the app and the corresponding subscription, I hope the WDT developers give these issues some much needed and overdue consideration.
  • E-mailed Support - Still Being Developed

    By AgilisOne
    Being a user of this app for a long time, I too have noticed that app no longer behaving correctly. So I e-mailed support asking if this app is still being developed and my concerns. Hopefully their response below comes true soon. “Thank you fro contacting WDT support regarding Weather Radio! Our application developers have been working on an update for the Weather Radio app, and it is still being tested. We are hoping to get this update pushed out to users in the near future. If you have any further questions, please let us know!”
  • What a fall from grace for a formerly great app

    By Justin.Reid
    I hate to write this review, but this app, which greatly innovated using push notifications to give weather warnings, is now no longer worth the space on my iPhone. There was a Flash Flood Watch and River Flood Warning issued by the NWS for my GPS location on 5/19/2018 at a little past 10 PM but Weather Radio showed no watches, warnings, or advisories. Weather Underground’s flagship app and Storm Radar under the Weather Channel brand listed the right watches and warnings and issued notifications as expected, but not Weather Radio. This was a sad sight to see, but it unfortunately appears that the database Weather Radio is polling isn’t being maintained properly. It’s a true shame as I’ve seen this App evolve over the years and for a long time it was great, but not anymore. I hope RadarScope is still given the attention it deserves because it’s still the best Radar software on both iOS and macOS. I know development can be hard, but just letting your product go like this is just tragic.
  • Was great and now abandoned...

    By stiger72
    I have been using this app since Ver 1.2 and as Apple has moved on with iOS updates it seems that the developer WDT has left this what used to be an awesome app... abandoned. Many are on iOS 11 and since the release if iOS 11 the app UI is buggy and notifications are very delayed. Developers at WDT have said an update was coming soon for many months. I’ve moved on to Storm Shield and deleted Weather Radio.
  • Lacks Update

    By iTim314
    This app has been largely abandoned since iOS 9. At the moment it is only good for current location notifications and nothing else, and even getting to those settings can be difficult given the UI glitches.
  • Warnings now delayed and app feels abandoned

    By Benjamin from CA
    After 5 years of using this application I am now at the point where I must delete it. The app itself has not been updated in years. This has resulted in times where the app becomes unstable and crashes. I can overlook this however the extreme increase in time that it now takes to receive an alert is not acceptable. During its prime I would receive an alert within 30 seconds of my weather radio. Last week we had tornadoes and it took 14 minutes from the time I heard my radio alarm to receive a notification from this app. The FEMA app which I have installed so that I can receive special weather statement notifications went off right away. It seems as if each time we get severe weather the alerts continue to become more and more delayed. Until this company gets their act together you are better off looking elsewhere.
  • Great App

    By Railbuff87
    I have had this app pretty much from the start, and it works well. Alerts work great often before the news puts them out, lightning alerts work great, and I cannot say enough good things about this app. Love it!! If you are looking for a weather app that works well 99% of the time this is the app to get. I cannot say 100% because no matter what app is being used for weather alerts it can miss something for various reasons the biggest being no data or wifi connection.
  • Lightning

    By Cllncho
    Hi, I can’t purchase the lightning update, are you still offering? It will not update or go to the store from the app to purchase. Thanks.