WingX Pro7

WingX Pro7

By Hilton Software LLC

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2010-06-30
  • Current Version: 8.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 47.18 MB
  • Developer: Hilton Software LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 883 Ratings


WingX Pro7's simple subscription model: ● VFR Free! - not flying IFR? Subscription is free! ● $74.95 annual subscription (or $199.95 for 3 years) ● $74.95 for Advanced IFR Subscription ● Free: 30-day Free Period ● Free: Synthetic Vision and Fuel Prices (with current subscription) Annual Subscription Includes VFR Sectionals, IFR Enroute Low and High, WACs, TACs, Flyway, Helicopter, Grand Canyon, and IFR Area charts plus APDs (geo-referenced), IAPs, etc Advanced IFR Subscription IAP geo-referencing, IAP Routing and ChartTouch New! ● Aircraft Icons including revolutionary helicopters! ● Stadium TFRs ● Download flight plans directly from AOPA ● FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and Practical Test Standards (PTS) Documents ● Appy Awards (Mar 2016) - Best Mapping/Location-Based App ● Aviation Consumer (July 2013) - "WingX Pro7 is Best iPad App of 2012!" ● Aviation Consumer (Feb 2013) - "Five Top Apps - WingX Pro7 is a Standout" GPS-Enabled Moving Map ● VFR Sectionals, IFR Enroute Low and High, WACs, TACs, Flyways, Helicopter, Grand Canyon, and IFR Area charts ● Wx Overlays including NEXRAD composite and many other weather overlay types with animation, transparency, and low-bandwidth option (e.g. hotel rooms) ● DP, STAR, and IAP Routing (iPad only for now) ● North Up or Track Up ● Split Screen ● Business locations on Airport Diagrams ● ADS-B In-Flight Weather and Traffic ● Support for Pebble, Pebble Steel, and Pebble Time watches ● X-Plane and MS Flight Sim compatible ● Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) - terrain and obstacles ● SmartTaxi™ - advanced taxi warning system ● FlightShare™ - share routes on the ground or in the air! ● traca™ Technology - draw the route with your finger ● WingX Rewind™ - record and playback flights including GPS, AHRS, and Pitot-Static. email flights to friends and CFIs! ● Auto Airport Diagram (Auto APD) auto-switches to Airport Diagram ● Class B Transitions ● Search And Rescue Grids and Patterns (old/new format) - Parallel, Square, Sector, and Auto Fill Grid - supports MGRS ● Overlay terrain and obstacles (terrain up to 60N) ● Easy time/distance to point info ● State Lines ● Aspen Connected Panel ● Airspace Overlay and Information ● Airspace Notifications ● Passive RADAR Altimeter - Terrain Elevation or AGL ● Terrain Profile View - with climb angle and 500fpm descent lines ● AHRS-driven Attitude Indicator ● Built-in Simulator ● Extra dimming for night operations ● Rubber-Banding ● User-Defined Waypoints; e.g. SJC09015, N37.5W119.56 etc ● Multi-Page Notepad with Undo ● Knots, MPH, km/h ● Runway Extensions and Traffic Patterns ● Easy GPS Calibration - tap on moving map's altitude ● Comprehensive A/FD and AOPA Directory ● Multiple Count-Up/Down timers Approach Charts ● Print charts wirelessly ● Rotate DPs and STARs easily ● Draw on the approach chart with your finger Wx Text ● Color-coded and decoded METARs, TAFs, winds/temps aloft ● Includes Alaska and Hawaii ● METAR Density Altitude and Freezing Levels Route Planning ● Victor Airways, Jetways, DPs, STARs, and even IAPs! ● Waypoints automatically inserted in correct position ● Total and Longer Than Direct distances ● Flight Log shows Headings, GS, ETE, Fuel Burn using winds aloft ● Optimize Altitude for winds aloft Flight Service ● Flight Plans and Weather Briefings with Leidos. Can be reused for fast filing ● File, Close, and Cancel flight plans ● Route and Area Weather Briefings ● Aircraft Manager for auto-fill E6B ● TAS ● Conversions ● Distance-Speed-Time ● Pressure/Density Altitude ● Winds Aloft ● Runway Winds ● IFR Climb ● Descent Rate Documents ● ACS and PTS ● Parts of the AIM ● AC61-65F - Including Endorsements ● AC61-67C - Stall and Spin Awarenes ● Pilot/Controller Glossary ● Aeronautical Contractions ● User-Documents Integrated Help System ● Built-in mini-manual Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Follow us on twitter: mobilewingx



  • Disappointing

    By Arrow-pilot500
    I’ve used this for three years and found it to be adequate. The real annoyance was all the finger tapping to go through various menus. But, what really was a turn-off was the unanswered questions I had. They never returned answers to my questions. I changed to ForeFlight and now understand why it’s the most popular EFB. And they always answer questions promptly.
  • Great software

    By LotusOH
    I switched from ForeFlight to WingX. Both are great platforms but I like the interface much better.
  • CFII

    By T&HAviation
    Love WingX pro. I tried fore flight for a couple of years and came back to the best.
  • Really love this program

    By Mapav1
    I took a four year hiates from flying and got back into it again last year. I had the best of avionics including a Garman 430. This program is really better in many respects and Only requires an iPad and a GPS transmitter. I'm only flying vfr now but could not have done the flights I have done in the busy northeast corrider weaving my way around different air spaces. It's a great GPS and has many many other functions that I don't really use. I Love this program. thank you PS I got my IFR currency and love using the approach plates. Especially like the Geo referencing so I can see my plane's exact position as I do an approach. I have no problems with slow redraw rate or anything else. Support has been excellent. Program has everything – flight planning, E6B, IFR and VFR for maps, approach plates, Airport information, and weather. Just got ADS-B– from Open Flight and am looking forward to using it on my iPad to display weather and other aircraft. Great program thank you
  • It's a toy for pretend pilots

    By temnoff
    Too much silliness in this app. Very cumbersome to use in flight. no easy to use magenta line manipulation while route planning or diversions for that matter. No FARS But you can pretend you are a stealth! Stick with Garmin or Foreflight.
  • Great flight app. Easier than foreflight

    By Mike5250 iTunes
    Great app. Ive been a user for 4 years and continue to try the competition. This is the most intuitive, easy to use flying app. Less clicks per flight as well. Should be 5 stars.
  • Best EFB

    By IflyJeff
    Hands down, WingX is simply the best. Great company, friendly support.
  • Almost great

    By FlyinRyin
    I have only used FltPlnGo and this app, and there are many features of this app I prefer. I will use this for in cockpit backup over FltPlnGo, but will use the other for flight planning purposes. The only useage issue I am having right now is finding how to turn on the breadcrumb trails. Is this even an option?
  • Tried several EFBs. Still looking.

    By out4adance
    I've evaluated and used many EFBs. This one should be free and then "maybe" I would renew my subscription. For some reason They just do not seem to be supporting WingX anymore. New features and fixes seem to take a VERY long time. Foreflight seems to be supported much better however having compatibility issues. Still looking...
  • Maps constantly redraw. Very annoying.

    By Pilot011
    Maps will not pan smoothly. Reposition, zoom or pan a map and must wait for the map to redraw. Continuous screen flicker as maps redraw almost makes the app unusable. Same happens with any map layer selected. Using other apps until this gets fixed. Use with caution!