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  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2010-05-25
  • Current Version: 9.25
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 51.19 MB
  • Developer: Montuno Software, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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Established in 2010, thousands use Dosecast, the most flexible and easy-to-use app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad to help you remember to take your medications, vitamins, or birth control pills on time. Dosecast has been featured in Real Simple magazine and Reader's Digest, and declared best-of-breed by the New York Times. With Dosecast, you'll remember to take the right drug, the right way, at the right time, every time - with the help of these features, all included in the free edition: * RELIABLE NOTIFICATIONS * Dosecast reliably sends dose reminders with or without an internet connection. Dosecast also tracks the time zone you're in when travelling and adjusts reminders accordingly, so you get notified correctly no matter where you are. * FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING * Some apps can only remind you to take your medication at the same time every day. Only Dosecast helps you take doses on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule, every X days/weeks, or even after a pre-set number of hours or days since the last dose. Plus, you can avoid dangerous overdoses by setting a maximum number of doses allowed per day or per 24 hours. * CUSTOMIZABLE DOSE AMOUNTS AND INSTRUCTIONS * With Dosecast, set the drug name, dosage information, directions, and notes that appear in the reminders for each dose. * POSTPONE-ABLE REMINDERS * With Dosecast, you can postpone a reminder before or after it goes off - by however long you need. * SMART SILENCING * Dosecast tracks when you're sleeping and when your treatment begins and ends, so there are no unwanted alarms. * PRIVATE AND SECURE * No personally identifiable information is collected when using Dosecast, so you can keep your information private. All drug information is encrypted when in transit so using Dosecast is safe even from a public access point. In addition to these features, the pro edition with CloudSync also includes the following: * MULTI-DEVICE SYNC * The Dosecast CloudSync service automatically keeps all your drug data up-to-date across an unlimited number of devices and enables dose reminders to be delivered to all devices simultaneously. * MULTIPLE DRUG TYPES * With Dosecast, you can track drugs taken via injections, inhalers, drops, sprays, ointments, patches, and liquid doses. You can even add custom drug types for tracking just about anything! * DOSE HISTORY AND COMPLIANCE * Dosecast logs the date and time of doses you take, skip, or postpone so you can view or email the history at any time. It even logs late and missed doses so you can accurately track your drug compliance. * QUANTITY TRACKING AND REFILL ALERTS * Dosecast tracks the remaining quantity of each drug you enter and delivers a refill alert when running low. It will even track the number of refills remaining and alert you when you have no refills left! * MULTI-PERSON SUPPORT * With Dosecast, you can assign specific medications to different people (or even pets). Sort your medications by person, time of next dose, drug name, or drug type - so you can keep your whole family's medication schedule organized. * DOCTOR AND PHARMACY TRACKING * With Dosecast, you can use your contacts to track which doctor is prescribing which drug, as well as track the pharmacy and prescription number for each. * DRUG DATABASE * With Dosecast, entering drug information is easy! Simply pick your medication from our drug database to pre-populate the drug name, type, amount, strength, and route. (Available in the US only.) * CUSTOM DRUG PHOTOS * With Dosecast, you can take a photo of each drug to identify it more easily. With drug photos, you can be sure you're taking the right drug when a dose is due. Confidently take the right drug, the right way, at the right time, every time with Dosecast!



  • Very good but......

    By RetiredGoose
    Dropped to one star since new owners won't answer simple support question about restoring past purchases. As an original buyer I had Premium level not offered any more. New phone and its gone. Two requests for help got no reply whatsoever. Too bad they've ruined a pretty good product. Today's update makes the app crash repeatedly. Has been working well for a long time but now even reinstall doesn't help crash. Added comment --------------------- In spite of a couple design flaws I have been reasonably satisfied with this app. However, I just noticed that the app was now universal so I installed it on my iPad and was disappointed to see that it installs as trial again so I guess it's the developers way of making you pay twice. I was hoping the server ID would let you essentially keep two devices in sync but no such luck. In addition his thing has issues if you take the same drug twice a day and forget to acknowledge the morning instance before the evening time. It loses one instance of that drug in the list where you tell it you've already taken the drug. Therefore your records are wrong. I got around this by essentially defining the same drug twice with slightly different names. Then if you forget to acknowledge the morning instance until evening the program sees it as two different drugs and you can recover from your mistake. I just put a hyphen at the end of the drug for the afternoon. Kludgy and you shouldn't have to do this but now works well for me. ---------- This thing has a great interface. If you're taking pills several times a day then you want easy and this is easy. Three drawbacks. 1. Not all drugs are pills. Needs at least an 'other' category for injections etc. 2. Not all meds are taken daily. I have one taken every two weeks and THIS is the one I really need to be reminded to take. 3. As others have said, this app really needs a way to record 'as needed' meds if it's going to make a big deal of mailing stuff to doctors. Incomplete for that is as bad as not at all. I'll still pay for it as is.

    By Glow-3
    Dosecast: “Life” kept my attention so rivited to do things that I “must do”that I sometimes forgot my own needs for taking the medication that I had been instructed was necessary...not just to take them, but at specific times so that my blood level would remain constant. I found that virtually impossible to do. There were too many other things, such as being care-giver for my husband. Try as I might I could not remember to take my pills properly, and I got away with it for a period of time… until I suddenly popped a clot one of my kidneys destroying half of that kidney. I ended up in the ER and then was admitted to the hospital. I learned a very expensive lesson that day. And then my sons suggested Dosecast which would remind me, via my cell phone,to take my pills throughout the day. I found it to be a miracle worker. No more worries about whether or not I took a pill and forgot it or to take the pill in the first place. This one is a no-brainer. It is either live with Dosecast or gamble with the alternative without it. I am so fortunate that that clot went to my kidney, and NOT to my brain, causing a stroke...or worse.
  • Love this app been using for years

    By freewithnature
    Just as the title says I love this app and whenever something like it gets brought up I always share how awesome Dosecast is. The only thing from keeping me from getting the paid version is I would really love if you could choose a ringtone for a reminder tone. Seems silly but it’s true. Everything is easy to use. Please keep being awesome and not having lame ads like your competitors.
  • Great app

    By Gidge 1
    With my daily reminder, I never miss my doses any more. Works great!
  • Good app

    By Seth1205
    I've used a few different medication tracker apps and this one is the best. The only thing that I wish it had (and which I've seen in other apps I've tried) is the ability to mark that you "took the dose as scheduled" (i.e. at the time the notification sounded.) I often take my pills as soon as I hear the notification in the morning but don't mark them as taken until later and having to manually enter the time that I took them is annoying.
  • Great for Maintenance Meds!

    By mike247allday
    Works good, reliable
  • Kimberly Memma

    By Memma D
    Great program! I would recommend it to everyone who takes medication
  • Best Medication reminder

    By MJStrehl
    I've tried several reminders, this is by far the most accurate.....5/25/18
  • Last update wiped everything out

    By DT076
    So I had been using this app for years with little issue. But the last update wiped out all my data. Over five years of logs concerning my medication all gone. Support, aside from an initial email saying they were investigating, has been completely silent.
  • Very useful to track intake provided it synchronizes

    By Jorge770
    Good app. Synchronization between devices is horrendous, which is a big problem as it may result in over medication. No improvements on synchronization in the last year leads to believe that the app is not being updated.