My Medical

My Medical

By Hyrax Inc.

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2009-12-30
  • Current Version: 5.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 17.40 MB
  • Developer: Hyrax Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 639 Ratings


My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for your personal medical information. It's the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records or various electronic systems that hold bits and pieces of your medical history. With My Medical, any and all information that is important to you is kept together in one place. * It's for the whole family * My Medical isn't just one medical record. You can keep as many records as you want. Use it for a spouse or aging parents. Use it to keep immunization records for your children. Use it to look after a special needs child. Doctors, nurses and clinicians: use My Medical to maintain notes about your patients. * 21st century record-keeping * At heart, My Medical is a thorough database that's yours to control and change. But it's nice to have some help, which is why the app offers autocompletion and autosuggestion for a wealth of medical jargon, including prescription drug names; vaccinations; common afflictions; life support options; laboratory units; and much more. That means more time keeping track of what's important, and less time trying to remember (or spell) the name of that medication. * A medical record and more * Areas for emergency contacts, health insurance, doctors' contact information, and other data that are not strictly part of a traditional personal health record (PHR) are all available. And if you already have medical contacts in your address book, then perfect, because My Medical can import it in the tap of a finger. There's no need to retype it all. * And it works with your calendar * My Medical will automatically put doctor's appointments and upcoming lab tests on your calendar. You can even set reminder alarms directly from the app, without ever going into your calendar. * A digital file cabinet * What about photographs, labwork, x-rays and other important documents that can't be typed directly in? My Medical devotes an entire area to extra files that can be attached to your record. Not only that, you can tie files to particular items anywhere within your information. So add a picture of the pill next to a medication. Keep a copy of your insurance card alongside a provider's contact information. * From blood tests to X-rays * My Medical provides a range of common test result templates for you to track test results. To name just a few: blood pressure; cholesterol; metabolic panels; blood sugar; CAT scan; height and weight. If that isn't enough, construct and customize your own test results to keep track of exactly what you need. * Visualize it * Chart test results with sophistication and discover trends over time. With the charting feature you can view multiple graphs simultaneously and even see moving averages to uncover long term changes. * It's secure * Unlike most other health record applications, data is stored right on your device, not on remote servers. So you don't need to worry about who can see your data at the other end of the line. In fact, My Medical does not connect to the Internet at all and doesn't send out any private or diagnostic information, making it as secure as possible. As a further safety measure, you may require a password in order to view all or certain parts of your information. * In case of emergency * My Medical is a valuable aid for EMTs, first responders, or those who may need to quickly find out emergency instructions. Even if you have password-protected the app, certain information is made accessible in the event of an emergency. * Sharing * Our mobile and Mac apps are fully compatible and you can seamlessly send data between them over a wireless network (WiFi). * Apple Health App * We're now integrated with Apple's Health app and HealthKit. You can easily and automatically import measurements like blood pressure, weight, glucose and much more from the Health app into My Medical's Test Results section.



  • Lost ALL my data

    By connormerlin
    This is incredibly bad since I had not realized it wasn’t being backed up to iCloud. I’m really upset since I took all that time to input the info. Seems like this happened after I installed the most recent update. I loved it and now I’d recommend you not use it.
  • Dropbox failure

    By Gary Guru
    I have a new iPhone! Good for me but not for My Medical app. I went into the app settings to turn on sync with Dropbox. Then I waited. & waited. & waited. All it said was syncing. No progress, no syncing. So I emailed the company. And sent a Facebook message. 10 days and still no help or even a reply from them. So now I’m looking for a new app.
  • No support service

    By Two Rivers Meadow
    I had been using this app on my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. Up until iOS 11, I hadn’t had any significant problems with this app. When iOS 11, was in public beta, I reported a problem with how the app posted times in itself, or sharing with the calendar app. Now that iOS 11 is out of testing, and is in regular use, there’s not been a response to reports about this. I’d recommend looking another health records app, especially since there’s not been an update for about two years or so.
  • Use to love it

    By Khow2
    I have had this app for years and loved it. Shared it with doctors and hospitals and friends and family. Now hate it. There is no more support but they don’t tell you that, they just stop responding to emails. The Dropbox feature stopped working and that is a major feature that I need as well as others that have complained. It’s sad the developer decided to stop supporting it and left so many people hanging. If they would make the updates and support it they could get so many more people.
  • Loved this app!

    By daisymc
    ....I’m sad it hasn’t been update in 2 yrs. I realized too late after buying my new iPhone 8, my 8yr medical information had never been backed up! That’s all on me, just warning everyone...SET UP YOUR BACK UP!!!
  • Potentially Disappointing- Company Defunked

    By ibdribbles
    Started out with 5 stars from years ago but now it’s a ZERO!!! The developer hasn’t updated in over two years and they are not answering customer feedback. They dropped sync support for iCloud and now nothing! Potential with a big disappointment!!!
  • Bust - Save Your Money Until the App Is Fixed

    By Carl07643
    There does not seem to be any support for this app. For years I have been using the app and everything was fine until a couple of months ago when the app stopped syncing with Dropbox. To troubleshoot the issue I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I tried to log and sync to Dropbox to no avail. So tried logging into my Dropbox account directly using the Dropbox app and was able to successfully log in. From there I could see all of the folders that My Medical had created. So I know the data is in Dropbox and that I can access the access. That only leaves an issue with the My Medical app. About a month ago I emailed for support with the same info and I have not received a reply back and there have been no updates to the app.
  • App should be removed from App Store -no support

    By Kenmnc
    Where is tHe support for this app. I have used it for some time and have now lost all data from several years. The Support option should not exist as they do not answer and questions. Drop box backup does not work. We need to have an ap which has a support that replies. Do not purchase this app
  • Medical history made simpler

    By NAJUAbq
    I work in the medical field and although all data entry when switching to an electronic medical records system is a pain, this app works better then the majority of other apps out there. You can also upload radiographic images and reports, lab work, etc. which my things a lot more comprehensive.
  • Screwed over. Doesn't work

    By BBPullinHard
    I bought this app years ago. Just went to use it in the ER and found it no longer worked. Went to app store and had to pay for it AGAIN in hopes of being able to access critical medical data. No such luck. The "new" app is blank. DO NOT BUY!!! Apple should bar this developer from the App Store.