Budget Touch

Budget Touch

By Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC

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Budget Touch uses the envelope model of budgeting. Set aside money for your standard expenses, then know how much you have left to enjoy. Enter your expenses, and view your account and envelope balances while on the go. You can also get reports, see graphs, list your transactions, and much more. Budget Touch can be used stand alone or synced with the desktop version of Budget (Mac or Windows) via WiFi. When used together Budget and Budget Touch are an unbeatable combination to help you manage your money, stay out of debt, and save for the fun things in life. Features: - Beautiful and fluid interface on iPad takes full advantage of the large screen. - Password protected with strong AES-128 encryption of your data. - Fast transaction entry: Select from a list of previous entries or type a new entry, enter an amount, and touch save. It's that simple. - Transaction support for deposits, checks, debits, ATM, charges, refunds, and credit card payments. - Create transactions in single envelopes or split them between multiple envelopes. - Enter your income to a single envelope or use the split deposit to manually distribute it. - Transfer money between envelopes or accounts. - View transactions in accounts or envelopes. - Organize your transactions by month, quarter, or year. - Create as many bank accounts, credit card accounts, envelopes and envelope groups as you want to categorize your expenses. - Customize your accounts and envelopes with built in icons. - Set spending limits for your envelopes and see graphically how you are doing. - See account balances, envelope balances, net balances, and a running balance with your transactions. - Bank accounts can be reconciled (balanced) against bank statements. - Get graphs and reports for expenses, deposits, budgets, and many more. - Export your data via email in either tab-separated, QIF or OFX format. - Export reports in HTML format. - Print reports on iOS 4.2 or later. Pay Source System (Paid Add On) - Define your income and have Budget Touch calculate how much to put towards each envelope. - Automatically distribute your income to your envelopes. Recurring Transactions (Paid Add On) - Schedule future transactions and be reminded when they are due. - App icon is badged to show the number of due or overdue transactions. On iOS 4 and later, the badge is updated even when Budget Touch is not running. Languages: US English, British English, partial German translation Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Requires iOS 4.3 or later Sync with Mac requires Budget v6.3 or later Sync with Windows requires Budget v5.0 or later



  • Needs updated

    By Erkomai
    This app could use a graphical update to take advantage of the iPhone X. It’s been over three years since the last update. Love to see an option to make the font size smaller. The app works fine but I think the developers have either all died or quit their jobs. So much for free updates for life. LOL
  • No subscription! I just works!

    By RedFCU
    I’ve been using this budget app for years and it works. The envelope method is a proven system whether it’s “real” envelopes or the electronic kind. I use both the macOS and the iOS versions and keep them in sync. Either version stand alone is great but I prefer planning at the desktop and keeping up to date on the road with the iPhone.
  • Love the desktop version but needs a little ore

    By drs75
    I have been using the desktop version of Budget for a few years now. I really love the program but the major downfall of this app is that you can't sync between devices unless you have the program open and are hooked up to wifi. I admit I don't use this app as much as I probably should but the fact is that when I am out and about and I spend money from one category and my husband spends money from that same category, there is no way to sync that envelope. Every month I have to make major adjustments to my envelopes because we overspent in different categories. I am not at my desktop every day and usually only balance my desktop budget about every two weeks. I started using another budgeting app (YNAB) that syncs between devices in real-time, but the features in that other program seem elementary compared to the Budget desktop version. I would definitely give it 5+ stars if there was a way to sync between my phone and my husband's phone.
  • Missing Critical Features

    By RCHeid
    Budget Touch needs iCloud support, or Dropbox support at a very minimum. Support for multiple users (i.e. spouse) would be great also. App is of very little use to me as there is no "Total" account view like there is in the desktop app which will allow me to look at my envelope balances across all accounts. Also needs to be updated for the larger screens of the iPhone 6 and 7. One star because it does work as advertised, but could be so much better. I love Budget, but will probably be moving on soon with no viable mobile app.
  • Great app

    By Basilmac
    Please add Touch ID to make it awesome!
  • Outstanding app

    By brownsue
    I've been using this app for almost two years. We do a monthly budget every month, and this app enables us to manage our money within the budget. I used various excel spreadsheets and tried several other apps before settling on this one. It does everything we need for it to do. It is customizable, and it syncs between our desktop, laptop and iPads. We have been following the Dave Ramsey plan for over four years, and this app has been very instrumental in helping us reach our goals. I've never written an app review before, but this app is truly outstanding. Love, love, love it! Edited 05/16: I have now gone from Windows to Mac version. The Mac version required a little time to learn, but it is even better than the Windows version which I thought was awesome. Now set up with three bank accounts, and it works great. I have contacted support a few times during the transition, and the support is wonderful.
  • Awesome. Great app. Worth every penny!

    By greatdanebichon3
    You must have "Budget" program on your computer to work great. The program is not expensive and is very easy to do. My wife and I have this app on our phones. It works flawlessly. The costumer support was great. They answered all my questions within the day. The best part of the app is that you can sync to the computer or computer to phone. Fast and easy, as long as you have wifi. Awesome job "Budget Touch"!
  • Needs Better Editing Features

    By Editing Is a Pain
    I actually like the layout and the whole envelope idea. The reason I only give it 2 stars is because it is really hard to change the set up once you start. I used it about a week, but then I changed jobs and didn't need certain envelopes. I tried to delete some envelopes and it wouldn't let me. I tried to delete the account and just start over and I couldn't do that either. So now I have an unused app that I spent good money on that I essentially can't use. I've heard from customer service, but they told me to just trash the data file, which it isn't allowing me to do.
  • The app is amazing and support is even better

    By Dzac723
    I use Budget Touch and Budget for Mac. Both apps are wonderful to use and great budgeting tools. The support from the developers is even better and is second-to-none. From bug fixes to feature requests they are always quick to respond and super-helpful! You should buy this app and use the envelope method for budgeting!!!!!
  • Fantastic App!

    By AJsAWiz
    I use Budget on my Mac and Budget Touch on my iPhone and iPad. And have been using the Mac version for many years. I was very excited when Budget Touch, for the iPhone and iPad hit the App Store. It syncs very well between my Mac and devices. I really like the envelope method for budgeting and it fits my needs to a “T”. A few of my favorite features are the physical layout, the ability to sync and I like being able to change amounts so easily. I’ve had to contact support at Snowmint about a couple of problems I experienced. The replies were fast and the solutions effective. I give their support an “A+”! I also use Quicken which is excellent for managing my funds. But for maintaining a budget with the flexibility I need Budget has been my “go to”app. I couldn’t imagine getting along without it!