By HotPaw Productions

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2009-04-25
  • Current Version: 2.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.51 MB
  • Developer: HotPaw Productions
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 69 Ratings


Translate Morse Code or CW audio to text. The HotPaw Morse Code Decoder takes audio input from the microphone or headset input on your iPhone or iPad, decodes Morse Code, and displays the results in text form. It includes both automatic decoding of longer clean signals and manual controls to allow the decoding of more difficult signals in QRM. Decoding parameters that can be manually adjusted include the audio frequency of an optional narrow-band DSP filter, the WPM dot/dash speed used for detecting characters, the threshold level of background noise, and whether Farnsworth timing is to be used for detecting spaces between individual characters. The Morse Code Decoder includes a built-in spectrogram to help determine the audio frequency of the Morse Code tones. You can then use the optional narrow-band audio filter to help filter out background noise. If the audio filter is enabled (frequency lock icon locked), it can be set for frequencies in the range of 400 to 1400 Hz. The filter can also be left off in a wide-band mode (frequency lock icon unlocked). Tap the spectrogram to set the audio filter to the frequency of a selected frequency peak. On the iPhone, tap the lock button to the right of the spectrum graph to toggle the filter off and on. The Morse code WPM (words per minute) detection speed is automatically adaptive from about 8 to 40 WPM, and can be locked to the current estimated WPM dot speed (WPM lock icon locked). One the iPhone, tap the lock button to the right of the waveform graph to lock and unlock automatic WPM detection. You can also manually set the WPM code speed using the plus and minus symbols that appear in the waveform graph, or the slider control on an iPad. There is a QRQ High Speed WPM Mode which will work better for code speeds in the range of 30 to 80 WPM. (QRQ mode also supports higher frequency dot-dash tones.) By default, the threshold (the signal level above any background noise required to detect a dot or dash) is set automatically by the AGC. But you can also manually control the threshold setting. On the iPhone or iPod Touch, tap to the left of the waveform graph to switch the manual threshold slider on and off. The iPad version also includes a switch to enable manual threshold control. A Histogram of the tone signal levels with a marker for the detection threshold level are displayed next to the waveform graph. For best results, make sure the Morse Code tone frequency isn't too high (above 1 kHz), and that the Morse Code speed isn't 3 times or more above or below the WPM settings. Use the manual settings if automatic decoding does not adjust to the frequency, WPM or background noise threshold level properly. For users who can't get the decoder to start decoding at all, the problem is likely to be an inappropriate audio level, a bit of room echo, a tone frequency too high, too much background noise, or some radio noise causing an unrealistic initial WPM setting at startup. Please see the new help file on the HotPaw website for hints as to how to solve some of these issues.



  • Pretty Sad

    I have tried repeatedly to get this to decode cw. I see others have had success, but not me. Tried all settings it likes the letter E but thats it. Don't bother, learn cw the proper way and decode with the grey matter between your ears. 73
  • Cool little App!

    By mtmapmaker
    I didn't know what to do expect but I tried. I really expected a serious learning curve, but it worked right away. I made no changes at all -- just held my phone by my radio speaker and like magic the letters appeared. I did morse code in the Army 50 yrs ago and don't remember much more than CQ for asking a station to respond and the 5 or 6 alpha numerical of a call sign, but there they were-- over and over. I put it on my ipad3 and it works just as well. I clicked on the filter and it seemed to work a bit better than the phone. I'm very satisfied!! Glad I spent the cash!!
  • Is this a joke???

    By Paulie61903748393784
    I tried every setting, read the instructions, went to your website, tried contacting someone, no reply. This could be the worst app ever made. It does the exact opposite of what I expected. When I try to spell something in Morse code as simple as SOS, it reads it as AFFFFFFFFFF F F F F A AAA A, so I have no idea how this app gets a 4.5 average rating. Oh yeah and, $10?!?! I could live on that much a day, and get by.
  • The only working Morse decoder app

    By oceans777
    I'm not a fake review and this worked very well with my Icom IC-R8600 and RFSpace SDR receivers just using speaker output audio. Set to fast rate and narrow filter and don't blast the signal if you have any noise or background static - watch the magic happen. Great app for HF. Thanks app guy or lady. Enjoy the burger I bought you.
  • Battlefield 1 Easter egg solved

    By Mememememeyouyouyouyouyou
    I though the reviews were the owners bs but I went ahead and tried it out and it worked perfectly without ANY tweaking. I'm already on the 4th stage of the phantom program in 20 mins. You simply just hold your phone up and let it listen to the Morse code... absolutely perfect app. Gamer tag AK-47kreyer
  • Holy crap! It actually works! Well!

    By esmith512
    I set the iPhone next to my receiver, fine-tuned it and set the notch filter on the app, and got complete readable copy, even through QRM. I usually expect a fight, this just worked right immediately.
  • Battlefield 1

    By tapper950
    Wow!!! It works perfect .It helped me to correctly translate morse code without any other program.( ps4 user)
  • Worked perfectly

    By IokuaHeart
    I was looking for a Morse code translator for an "Easter egg" in the new BF1 and this is PERFECT for that. I would not be able to accomplish what I was trying to do without this wonderful app. Thank you! GT: Enraged Pandas -XBOX ONE
  • Does not work!!

    By Frozoloft
    I had a clear morse signal, fully capable of being picked up by the iPhone's speakers. All it "translated" we're a few random letters over and over again. I tried every combination of settings on this app and I can tell you that this app absolutely DOES NOT WORK. The fact that I gave them nearly $10 for this garbage makes me even more angry. And they make a "Pro" version too? Wow. I'm going to report it to Apple even if I don't get a refund from them.
  • Highly inaccurate.

    By Bob thunder
    This was detecting letters even when I was not receiving not transmitting. It would always pick up the wrong letters. Not worth the $10 charged. I want my money back.