TI 84 Graphing Calculator Pro

TI 84 Graphing Calculator Pro

By Marco Wenisch

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-09-01
  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 36.78 MB
  • Developer: Marco Wenisch
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 346 Ratings


The perfect graphing calculator for high school and college. Your fingers easily navigate through the calculator using touch gestures, where you can also enter equations, and zoom in and out of colored graphs. FIVE REASONS WHY YOU NEED THIS APP 1. Keyboard and command syntax similar to physical graphing calculators -> No need to learn a new calculator. 2. Powerful emulator -> No more waiting to graph functions compared to slow physical handhelds. 3. Enter fractions, equations or functions in the same way as you would write them on paper. 4. Never forget your calculator at home! It's always ready on your iPhone & iPad, and it weighs nothing. 5. Save more than 80% compared to the retail price of an actual calculator which is over $100. FULL GRAPHING CALCULATOR • Graph more than ten functions at once, each with a different color • Add Lines, Horizontals, Verticals, and Tangents to the graph • Use your finger or the arrow keys to trace the coordinates of your functions • Calculate the Zero, Minimum, Maximum, Intersection, and Derivative • Find integrals and color the area under the function • Set the X and Y coordinates of the graphing window; zoom in and out with your fingers ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR • Enter calculations in natural textbook format • Includes all basic arithmetic (+, -, x, ÷, ^, ², √, π, …) • Use advanced functions like sin, cos, tan, e, ln, Σ, ... • Scroll your calculation history and modify existing calculations with one tab • Store and recall variables • Quadratic Equation Solver MATRIX CALCULATOR • Work with matrices the easy way -> store them or enter them directly on the calculator interface • Do basic matrix arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or power of a Matrix • Put the matrix into Reduced Row-Echelon Form and solve linear equation systems • Calculate the determinant, inversion or transpose the matrix TUTORIAL AND CATALOG • Easy to understand tutorial to get started • Full Catalog of all commands with syntax, example, and possible error messages • Tab on highlighted math terms to read on point definitions PERFECT FOR HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE STUDENTS • Recommended by teachers to use in math classes • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2 • Pre-Calculus, Calculus • Permitted on SAT/ ACT/ AP (your phone might not be permitted, but you can use the app for homework and borrow an actual calculator from your school for the test)



  • Tan-1 doesn’t work right

    By 🚷♌♋♍♻🅱🚸✅🆘©💱🕕🕟🕧
    The tan, cos, and sin, and their inverses do not work right. I’m getting incorrect answers. I set it to degrees but I’m still getting incorrect answers.
  • Don’t Waste Your Money

    By LexiCReynoldswrap
    Seriously. Don’t do it. Especially if you’re a college student in a STATS class like me. They promised an update for October 15 that would have all the functions available and there was no update. Very disappointed with this company and I will never make the mistake of trusting them again.
  • Not worth it! Important fxns under development

    By Jeneka Williams
    I downloaded this app for my Statistics class because I didn’t want to pay a ton of money to buy a calculator that I would only need for a semester. Unfortunately, the STATS function does not work and is still under development even though it was supposed to be updated on October 15th. There is no way to contact the app developer for a refund. I sent an email through App Support but I’ve not gotten a response. Download/purchase another graphing calculator app if you need a calculator for a Statistics class.
  • October 15?

    By Luck2112
    Claimed that they would add stat list on October 15, but never did.
  • Not happy

    By lllevv
    I got this app in hopes to have a great TI Calculator on my phone. I have the actual TI-84 Plus CE and I love it, but this app doesn’t have the same features. I read reviews where the developers responded and said there would be an update on October 15! It is currently October 16th and there is no update to be found that include the stat menu or anything like that. Hopefully you guys fix this and tell the truth about when you will have stuff. As of now this calculator is only as powerful as the one that comes on the phone :((
  • Promising, but needs more devlopment

    By DrK.
    The graphing function application appears to work well, but not the calculus functions. They're listed in the menus but can't be properly brought up. At the risk of sounding Picayune, I found the keyboard display to be rather bland, and would really love to see an emulated TI color keyboard. To their credit, the developers are updating the APP. Hopefully, they will address my and other user's concerns.
  • Not for statistics

    By RoninATL
    Edit: 10-15...they promised to add the stats function on 10-15...its 10-15 and guess what?? No stats function. Do NOT buy this if you need it for statistics. The calculator works good enough for simple math and algebra. However, I purchased this specifically for statistics and supposedly that is “under development.” I basically wasted money on a calculator that does the same thing my real world calculator already does. And I didn’t get 50% off like it promised when I bought it. I spent the full 9.99. Waste of money.
  • Don’t purchase

    By victim 2
    I purchased this app in hope of using to work on my statistics class but one of the modes that I need is not working saying it will be available after the next update and that was about a month ago and I just recently updated it and it still says the same. Wonder if it will we be ready because it sure is starting to look like I got my money robbed.
  • No use

    By UnhappyMama3
    I spent $10 for a product that doesn’t even work. I bought it for STATS & It says it’s in the process of being made?!?! Scam!
  • Ti-84

    By durdbfb
    I was anticipating that this app would work so I could complete my assignment but instead it said I will have to wait for the next update! I just wasted 10 dollars for this stupid app! I want my refund now ! 😡😡😡😡