Swami Desikan 750+

Swami Desikan 750+

By Gnaritus Technology Solutions Private Limited


Swami Desikan is one of the premier Mobile App which bring the greatest thoughts to all generation's. The application contains all the Sri Sukthis of our great AchAryan, a peerless-perceptor and poet, SwAmi vEdAnta dEsikan starting from dEsika StOthra pAdam to dEsika prabhandham to all his other works. The application contains numerous articles by various mahAchAryar / scholars / devotees from Sri Vaishnava Sampradya. In addition to the text contents, the application comes with lots of Audio (Sandhai Padam), Videos (of various utsavams, upanyasams) contents too that gives you more knowledge towards our Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam. To bring all the information under one umbrella and to achieve the objectives as below, we needed a mobile application. To spread Swami Desikan’s Sampradayam and his greatest irreplaceable works across the world and take it to the next generation people To make the works of Swami Desikan and all Great acharyans of our Sri Vasihnava sampradayam immortal To align our sampradaya to the ever maturing and growing minds of technologically advanced generations and help Sampradaya reach out faster that would act as a ready reckoner to the Bakhthas of current and future generations To help our younger generations, learn Sri Sukthis of Swami Desikan AnyTime AnyWhere, by bringing all these at their hands and in a touch-away distance



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