Sir Questionnaire

Sir Questionnaire

By Pascal Bestebroer

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-05-24
  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 71.37 MB
  • Developer: Pascal Bestebroer
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 34 Ratings


Sir Questionnaire is a turn-based hack’n’slash game, where you enter a dungeon full of loot, creatures and mystery. Each room gives you two options to choose from, choose wisely and survive room after room, collecting loot which will help you defeat more and bigger monsters as you venture deeper into the dungeon! Take pictures of your various encounters and complete your codex with information on the various entities that roam the dungeon. Take on Quests as you enter every game, ranging from easy to hard, with each quest type giving you a reward for your next game. The harder the quest, the bigger the reward, so again: choose wisely! Learn monster weaknesses, alternate uses for the many items in the game, and uncover secret items and hidden area's in this procedurally generated adventure



  • Growing on me

    By 9077pants9077
    The idea is a bit original and so I thought I’d take a look. And after 49 runs, I love this game! It’s a fun combination of luck and choices and luck. Really difficult in the traditional rogue way. Interesting how you can start with a backpack of equipment if you complete a quest from a previous run. A little tough reading and distinguishing object and notation, especially on a phone. But not a show=stopper. Some sounds, like the Orc, are obnoxiously loud compared to others. And the objectives seem way to hard to accomplish. Objective 1 is to collect 150 things. I’m on game 50 and I’ve got 125 things. It’s seems unnecessarily tedious. As does searching balls of twine and the giant snake. Love shaking the tree + brilliant fun there. Sounds are fun. And you get a nice satisfying sound when you get rid of an adversary. Graphics are good. And the dev has made 3-4 updates in just the first few weeks. It’s a keeper.
  • Dreadful waste of money.

    By Orowam
    Roguelikes are based on random chance and skill to survive a situation. Instead this game has you do random things against random monsters for absolutely no reason. If “good gameplay” is considered walking back and forth in a hallway and hitting every creature you find, then this is a jackpot. Since that’s obviously not good gameplay, it’s safe to say this is an overpriced, untuned waste of your time.
  • Fun but not worth $3

    By PapaRando
    This is fun but it’s expensive
  • Dud

    By Mcrawford620
    Really boring. The bad design problem here is that 90% of the monsters pose no real threat to you. They are only there to drain you of a tiny bit of weapons|health. But they can’t actually kill you. This is bad design because it makes the game very uninteresting—more of a matter of managing resources than actually fighting and adventuring. I guess if you enjoy managing resources you may enjoy this stinker.
  • How to unlock voodoo, please show me the procedure.

    By 游戏是极好的游戏,但是服务器不行,太容易掉线
    How to unlock voodoo, please show me the procedure.
  • Milk is the most dangerous enemy

    By Carlosdeleon
    And the greatest skill to have in this game it to read before tapping.
  • Artistically appealing, but room for more.

    By Lucky Fae
    I’m playing on an iPad so font size isn’t an issue, but it should be addressed for other devices. The art style is pretty cute although some of the sprites could use some definition. The brightness/contrast seems VERY dark and I wouldn’t hate seeing more of what I’m looking at. Since it’s a new game I’ll leave it at that and hope for updates.
  • Bugs, progression issues

    By Norsery Rhymes
    I like the bones of this game, but there are a lot of issues that take a compelling system and turn it into a frustrating and ultimately boring experience. Gathering money seems either inconsistent or bugged. I never have a chance to afford anything at shops— I could be 8 levels down and only have 20 coins, in spite of multiple money drops from enemies. Something feels off about that, when items hover around 60-90 gold each. Within the game, I signed up to the newsletter to unlock the Voodoo character but nothing happened. Really frustrating!! The road to unlock other characters is waaaaay too long. To get the knight, it looks like I have to finish five objectives— For the first objective, I have to gather 150 skulls. I run into at least 6-8 skulls per run, but I’m fairly certain that some of the skulls I collect aren’t being recorded. Perhaps offer multiple active objectives or lessen the amount of grind required to finish one objective? I don’t think I’d be this frustrated if I didn’t pay 2.99 for this. It’s a fair price for a well made indie game on mobile, and I hope the developer can address these issues that keep it from being such.
  • Wouldn’t pay for it

    By Rolth
    This game has some serious logic flaws. The quests seem to cause the necessary creatures or items NOT to spawn. I had one quest to pick up metal round shields. I had a lot of these spawn in my previous run and figured I could complete this. Not ONE single metal shield spawned during that run. You also run into things too early in the game to be useful. I’ve run into shops before and I had even fought 1 monster. The game logic just seems to not work correctly. I will change my review once the quests are fixed.
  • Good game not worth 3 $

    By DrSlayerSeth
    Fun game to play ever so often