The Mooseman

The Mooseman

By Vladimir Beletskiy

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-04-22
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 481.71 MB
  • Developer: Vladimir Beletskiy
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.


Long-long time ago the world was created out of an egg-shell by a god named Yen. In the murky depths of the endless ocean the Lower World was born. The Middle World was made for the men to dwell, and the Upper World was were the ancient gods would reside. Multitudes of spirits dwell among the layers of creation, guarding their secrets in the dark. Embark on a journey through all the worlds of ancient myth, find artefacts of Chud' tribes and solve all the mysteries of finno-ugric tales. You are the Mooseman and you have the ability to see all that is hidden to the mortal eye. You are about to visit three layers of this universe - the first one is the Lower World where the spirits of the dead reside. * Explore the worlds inspired by Perm animal style * Dive into the deep atmosphere of folk Komi music * Meet long forgotten gods and spirits * Learn the ancient myths of finno-ugric tribes * Don't expect an easy journey, there are riddles in the dark * Unlock new abilities and use them to get to the Upper World * Find all the artefacts that are hidden from the mortal eye



  • One of the best indie games of 2018

    By Dubs1
    So glad this was ported to iOS, I had never heard of it until someone mentioned it to me to buy. The graphics are simple yet very beautiful and alive in places. The musical score fit the games atmosphere well. And to my surprise and delight, the gameplay had much more to offer than just walking and collecting things, though I like doing stuff like that too, as the game is about learning more about this tribe/culture; but there were riddles and puzzles to solve, strategies to take against boss battles and even some action elements. The best parts for me were definitely discovering the hidden secrets aka artifacts. Though, I found a few to be ridiculously hard as you have to perform a sequence of button combos that just doesn’t work well on touch screen (I got them out of pure luck really). But you have to decipher hidden hieroglyphics and it tells you the button combo to input. I just urge the dev to atleast let iOS users input the combo at our own pace rather than blazing fast. That’s my one and only gripe with the game. Everything else I loved and really enjoyed. It’s a very meditative type game that you can lose yourself in.