Fate/Grand Order (English)

Fate/Grand Order (English)

By Aniplex Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-25
  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 162.62 MB
  • Developer: Aniplex Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,667 Ratings


A new mobile "Fate RPG," presented by TYPE-MOON! With an impressive main scenario and multiple character quests, the game features millions of words of original story! Packed with content that both fans of the Fate franchise and newcomers will be able to enjoy. Summary 2017 A.D. Chaldea, an organization tasked with observing Earth's future, has confirmed that human history will be eliminated at 2019. Without warning, the promised future of 2017 disappeared. Why? How? Who? By what means? AD. 2004. A certain provincial town in Japan. For the first time ever, a region that could not be observed appeared. Assuming that this was the cause of humanity’s extinction, Chaldea carried out its sixth experiment - time travel into the past. A forbidden ceremony where they would convert humans into Spiritrons and send them back in time. By intervening in events, they would locate, identify, and destroy the space-time Singularities. The mission classification is an order to protect Humanity: Grand Order. This is the title for those who would take a stand against human history and battle fate in order to protect mankind. Game Introduction A command card battle RPG optimized for smart phones! Players become Masters and together with Heroic Spirits, defeat enemies and solve the mystery of human history's disappearance. It's up the players to form a party with their favorite Heroic Spirits - both new and old. Game Composition/Scenario Direction Kinoko Nasu Character Design/Art Direction Takashi Takeuchi Scenario Writers Yuichiro Higashide, Hikaru Sakurai Recommended operating system: OS compatible with iOS 8.0 or higher. Enabled devices: iPhone 5 and higher, iPad 3rd generation and higher, iPad Mini 2 and higher, iPod touch 6th generation *Please confirm system requirements on home page instead of from the App Store compatibility. *Incompatible with iPod touch 5th generation and lower, iPhone 4S and lower. *Incompatible with OS beta versions. This application uses "CRIWARE (TM)" from CRI Middleware Co. Ltd.



  • The game is garbage

    By SkylarComet
    Even if we don't bother talking about the horrid gatcha part, the game itself is a real piece of work, and not in the good way. How an app can run so horrible, especially after the huge install, plus even larger initial update installed it just runs absolutely like trash. The dialogue is poorly translated or written, or both, it's not worth even the time nor effort to even get passed the tutorial stage. Make your life better, don't play this game.
  • Not a P2W game

    By Kitsunatsumiki
    Most people giving this game one star because they couldn't roll the servants they like, that's it. You can use 1-4 Star servants with the right team to clear most events and quests in this game. So if you can do that, then it's not a P2W that some people have accused of, right? If you don't believe me, you can watch YouTube videos on this game.
  • Please Read

    By AsianChalupa
    The game is fair. A lot of people are complaining that they don't get 5* because the rates are low, which is true to an extent. The game is designed that even 3*s even 1*s can be used to beat the game's content, it just takes a little more effort. They have said to max a 5* you need 4 copies of the same 5*, but that isn't even necessary. Having extra copies just increases their dmg of their ultimate atk by just a bit. It does not hinder you in any way for not having copies like being unable to evolve it. The rare materials needed for evolution is often given out during events to make the events worth grinding. The rates of rare materials dropping outside of events is to make the RARE materials...RARE. The rates are bad but that is what saving up your quartz are for. If you expect to get multiple 5* right off the bat then this game is definitely not for you. If you play the game expecting to get exactly what you want from the gacha you should prepare yourself to be disappointed. You should play to have fun.
  • Response to negative reviews

    By Dill jam--
    I have seen many people complaining that it is only possible to get good servants if you spend hundreds of dollars on the game, but I’ve gotten 4 5-Stars and 9 4-Stars without spending any money on it at all. Also, 4 and 5 Star servants aren’t needed to play the game. I use a 3-Star servant (that I have gotten 8 copies of so far) in my party, and they are just as useful as my 5-Stars.
  • 5 star impossible but still awesome

    By NotTypemoonEmployee
    I get what people here are complaining about; 5 star cards are near impossible to get for free to play users. The drop rate for those cards are fixed at 1 percent and don’t budge at all. That being said, this is not SUPER typical pay to win game. Unlike others, the 3 stars and 4 stars are super useful. As long as you formulate your team well you will be set. I’ve seen other Battlefront2-like games that probe players right in the arse by making progress impossible without payment. This is not like those games. Your mediocre cards are useable and even sometimes excels those shiny 5 star snobs if given a right treatment. Even though I am somewhat furious for the fact that I will never get close to 5 star ever, but that never prevents me from enjoying this game. If you are not planning to sacrifice your college fund and mortgage payment for strong and kawaiiii 5 star waifu, just accept the fact 5 stars are lost cause and play with what you have; its actually somewhat more fun with mediocre cards.
  • You make me mad

    By Partydetective
    When I played the game I was into it and I got a lot of things and I got all the way to the end of Okeanos, but then, my brother decided to delete the game as a stupid prank. I already used the function that’s supposed to prevent this from happening but the place I put it on (NOTES!!!) apparently deleted that note as well. Let me tell it to you straight. If you’re going to use that function to save accounts if they are accidentally unsaved or deleted, use email so people can recover them. Not some stupid code that can easily be forgotten or thrown out and tossed aside. It would save a lot of people from having to restart the game all over again after 2 MONTHS of playing the game.
  • Terrible Game

    By Aahdjdkbc
    Please read this before you decide to waste time on this game. First of all, the gacha in this game is ridiculous. The rates are so incredibly low you’ll need to spend hundreds and hundreds of premium quartz to even get a good 4 star. If you do the 10 shot, you’re guaranteed a 4 star, but more often than not, it’ll turn out to be a garbage craft essence that has absolutely no use. Now, if saint quartz was easier to get outside of swiping my credit card, this would be less of a problem. But, as it is, saint quartz is so rare and so hard to get that it would take days just to save up enough for a single 10 shot. As a result, all of their good characters are locked behind massive paywalls. Oh, and did I mention that you need multiple of the same 5 star to max out the first one? Second, the rates of ascension materials dropping are also far too low. You can farm for a material for hours and only get one or two. It’s completely unrewarding and absolutely demoralizing to farm for hours and not receive a single drop. As a person who would like to be rewarded for investing time into something, this game is just absolutely not rewarding whatsoever. It’s a huge waste of time, as playing the game won’t even score you a single good character. Much less a character that you want. As a huge fan of the fate series, I was very disappointed by this game. I would honestly give it 0 stars if I could.
  • Gacha Rates are fine

    By eblizbleliff
    SSR is SSR for a reason, not supposed to be easy to get. Any servant can be useful if you build the right team and make sure you level them.
  • Fun Game, Can play for free

    By A Regular Guy Like You.
    Disclaimer: I have spent 40 bucks on this game. There was an event a few weeks ago that gave you a guaranteed five star servant that I gave in to. So take this as you will. Gameplay is fun, I like taking 30 minutes or so before and after work to grind out whatever event is going on (which there always is except this one period in September), and you can clear the content just fine with the 1-3 star servants and like a Hercules, especially with other high level supports. Wouldn't recommend gambling on every banner, but saving and planning ahead until a cool servant you want comes out (we know the entire future because this game is further ahead in Japan). You still might not get it ( I didn't, tho I got a couple other five stars randomly), but like I said before, what really matters in clearing the game is just Team composition, and at this point in the game you can outlevel the content easy anyways. I would definitely give it a shot.
  • Best mobile game

    By bet qu
    Most fun app ever. Don’t be discouraged by the person who is upset about not getting who they want. Just save your