Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

By Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Current Version: 3.9.125
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 150.02 MB
  • Developer: Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,651 Ratings


Lovestruck is your portal to the greatest interactive romance stories! Choose your ideal romance and enjoy the love you’ve always wanted to in this unique visual romance novel game! Find a story that captures your heart and decide who you want to fall in love with from a selection of 50 unique characters! Current available series are: VILLAINOUS NIGHTS: In a world of super powered humans, you find yourself with a group of powerful Super Villains and discover that love can bloom even in the darkest of nights. HAVENFALL IS FOR LOVERS: Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! Find your Supernatural Soulmate in this mysterious and exciting story! GANGSTERS IN LOVE: The most dangerous and sexy gang in Los Angeles is after you… and your heart! LOVE & LEGENDS: Destiny takes you from your everyday life to a world of swords and sorcery! Now you must tie your fate to one of seven fantasy heroes. STARSHIP PROMISE: Explore the universe and discover a galaxy of love in this exciting spacefaring romance set far in the future! ASTORIA: FATE’S KISS: The fate of the world will change with just one kiss! Fall in love with the Gods and Monsters of Greek Mythology! TO LOVE & PROTECT: One minute you are a normal college student, the next, you are the secret love child of the President of the United States! CASTAWAY! LOVE’S ADVENTURE: A pleasure cruise gone wrong leaves you stranded on a remote island with 5 Sexy Strangers! SPEAKEASY TONIGHT: Enjoy the glamorous but dangerous world of a speakeasy filled with illegal booze, hot jazz, and even hotter romance!



  • Super captivating

    By Allietanchan
    I used to play a lot of otomes when I was younger. I got bored of them and stopped, but downloaded this app out of curiosity from an ad. A goooood decision. I feel so connected and interested in the characters that I always come back. Ash’s story really got me hooked.
  • Absolutely addictive

    By VayVayLaVida
    I’ve been playing this for close to a year now. I’ve been keeping up on all the new releases and honestly have developed a few opinions over some characters both good and bad that might even seem silly. I even have a friend that apparently plays it as well. We both have had issues with the game crashing once in a while, sometimes it’s that it won’t open, other times it’s freezing, and sometimes it pulls up the menu just fine but then won’t let us scroll or select. At first we thought it was the phones. But all the other apps work fine. But that’s about the only problem we tend to have. Otherwise we love it and get stuck in suspense. Constantly sucked in and totally would recommend
  • Great, but the hearts are an issue

    By Lola000099009000
    First off, this is a great app, yeah the art is a bit generic, but this is the best app of this variety I have found. As a straight male who enjoys these types of games, I have a lot of trouble finding apps like this that appeal to me, as most are made for straight females. While there is still no option for a male character, I don’t mind, because pretty much every story have a romantic interest of both genders, and I can still enjoy it, and immerse myself into it, also adding a male option would take more effort and need male variants of the art, so I understand why they wouldn’t go to such effort for a niche part of the fans. My only issue is the hearts. I understand there needs to be a way to make money, even more so with the frequent additions, but I don’t feel comfortable paying so much for so few hearts (although I don’t often pay micro transactions) I just wish there was a way to watch like 5 ads for even 1 heart, as I find myself putting a story on hold to see if I can get some hearts for my daily reward, and often don’t or get 1. I would be happy to play a bunch of ads to support this and get a few hearts, but instead I find myself waiting so I can make a choice I want. Overall good app, just held back by micro transactions.
  • What?

    By AshTheShyDoll
    Umm I rlly like this game, but ever since I got the recent update I can't click anything, and it completely signed me out of my Facebook so I can't continue the previous stories I was reading... I would be writing this in the help spot but like I said, I can't click anything so I'm writing it here.., can u fix it? xD
  • Great game

    By Seligar
    I love this app. Has some really good stories but I recently downloaded the app again and it won’t load past 33%. I don’t know how I can fix it.
  • Great stories

    By Ljcannon
    I love the stories and characters on this app. The one and only problem I have is that most of the time when I open the app it’s just frozen and won’t do anything. It’ll take me several attempts before it loads properly and the daily log in pop up, pops up lol. When that happens it will work just fine.
  • Best app ever!!

    By Beeezusss
    CAN WE PLEASE FINISH AUGUSTS STORY IN LOVE AND LEGENDS?! I need to know what happens. I’m dying 😭😭😭😭😭
  • Frozen on iPhone

    when i had my android, the game worked perfectly without any bugs or freezing. but since i downloaded it on my iphone it freezes and won’t let me move anything on the app. is there any way to fix that? or is anyone else having this problem?
  • Eh

    By Jhalisa bright
    The game is good . The stories are pretty good also. The only things I don’t like about this app is that you have to wait 2 hours for 1 ticket! Pls fix it I hate it so much!!
  • Perfection

    By QueerDear098
    This game is so fun and amazing. I love that there is a section for lgbtq stories and love the diversity of each character. Always looking for a good story app and I have finally found one!