Guardian Kingdoms

Guardian Kingdoms

By Phoenix One Games Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-05-17
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 166.69 MB
  • Developer: Phoenix One Games Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 633 Ratings


Make way for the ultimate strategy experience on mobile! Immerse yourself with jaw-shattering visuals as you defend your castle alongside your friends, in real-time! Attack rival kingdoms with fun and exciting troops such as Warships, Ballistae, and even the mighty Reavers, armored mammoths ready to lay siege to opposing kingdoms! Quest your way through the land of Ilyria to defeat the Chaos Legion and make a stand against the giant Ancients that they summon. Guardian Kingdoms is a game full of vibrant detail, action soaked spectacle, and pure fun! Join an Alliance today and battle your way to victory! Packed with the most exciting features: • Engage in battles with up to 6 players at a time with thousands of units on the field! • Control Mighty Champions with game-changing skills that you cast in real-time! • Train, upgrade and deploy massive armies and watch in glee as they bring destruction and glory • Fight legendary bosses and defeat the Chaos Legion for epic rewards • Join alliances and play alongside friends and ensure no kingdom goes undefended • Get free and frequent updates to all the fun: new Champions, troops, quests, bosses and more! A network connection is required. Support: Having problems? Visit us at Or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help & Support Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • P2W

    By Slim shady 45545
    Game is completely P2W unless you spend 10 hours plus playing to even keep up with other players. Not worth my time.
  • Deleted

    By BenPham1118
    I used to play regularly. Top contributor to my clan with over 4000 green flags my last month played. I saw it coming....the imbalances and the devs favoring the Chinese whales. I left months ago. It’s a little vindication to my decision to see it all transpire.
  • Don't bother, unless you are in a Chinese alliance

    By mjolnir2k
    This game is blatantly skewed towards the Chinese players, who have all been granted special events and cheap upgrades so that they can easily dominate. Unless you are in the Chinese market you will be wasting time and money trying to play, while you get totally steamrolled by the Chinese players. It's so completely unbalanced that most other players are abandoning the game in droves. There's a lot of other games out there that provide fair and balanced game play, this is not that game. Save your time and money and look elsewhere for entertainment (unless, you are in a Chinese alliance, then enjoy your automatic victories).
  • Too bad

    By MikeyPOTG
    This used to be an incredible game. Played it since it’s release. Loved it. Then in December the devs made a horrible update which changed graphics, changed battle bonuses, and worst of all, increased the max level of all units by a ton. People played this game since beta and put thousands of $ into it and still didn’t reach the former max level for all units. So the devs increase the limit and a bunch of rich guys pay tens of thousands of $ to hit the new super high unit cap and they literally walk over everyone else. Completely took the fun out of what used to be an amazing game.
  • Gone downhill

    By J249
    As other reviewers have said, the game has gone downhill. It was relatively balanced for a free to play game and really fun for awhile. As seems to be the norm unfortunately, the developers got too greedy. Ironic, as I didn’t mind spending a few bucks here or there (and the obligatory whales that spend thousands) they were no doubt swimming in cash already.
  • Horrible update

    By level 30+ player
    First time I’ve ever seen a game get worse visually My castle 10 walls at level 8 now look like a castle 4-5 how disappointing.... Something that would take a new player months and it would contribute to look the same and lame! You ruined arc towers crossbows and cannons.... Only plus is the tempest tower looks good The design would have been great if you keep those the way they were!!! How dare you double the cost of an army? It was already outrageously priced and the boost is too expensive for the speed troops are produced A. Increase speed of troop building Or B.Lower current troop boost gem cost. It’s Christmas time why are you doing this?
  • Update ruined game for non china players

    By $Tome$
    The game started out fun but became a pay to win in the recent updates. Such a shame because the 3v3 battles are intense and fun! Now China gets better upgrades then the rest of the world and it takes forever to train an army. Don’t waste your time or money on this game.
  • Can’t link game to my new phone

    By Gold Throne
    I really enjoy playing this game it’s one of my favorite games to play on my phone but I got a new phone and I haven’t been able to link my account. Customer service is horrible I sent a message asking for help no response.
  • Still great

    By Anonymous Random Man
    Been playing for over a year now and still going strong! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 and for all those haters.... This is not a fake review!
  • New update

    New update is awesome doubling the cost of troops makes this game unplayable 50 archers used to cost $.31 now they cost 84 in the end it’s going to kill the game Such a great game play it’s a shame that it’s too expensive to play now