Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

By Bodymatter, Inc.

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2016-08-07
  • Current Version: 3.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 56.29 MB
  • Developer: Bodymatter, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
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Track sleep with your Apple Watch automatically. No buttons to press. Just wear your Watch to bed and wake to insightful sleep analysis and personalized feedback. Automatically log your data. Follow your sleep trends with powerful charting tools. Don't have an Apple Watch? Sleep Watch can be used without a Watch by logging your sleep manually. HOW IT WORKS ---------------- 1. Wear your Apple Watch to bed (do not enable Power Reserve) 2. Upon waking, check the Watch or iPhone app to see your auto-detected sleep details; that's it! 3. Opt to confirm or adjust your auto-detected sleep times in the iPhone app to help us build you a smarter sleep detection algorithm We recommend scheduling 'Do Not Disturb' to turn on automatically during your typical sleeping hours to prevent any Watch notifications from disturbing your sleep. This can be done in the iPhone Watch App > My Watch > General > 'Do Not Disturb' section. We also recommend enabling 'Theatre Mode' while asleep to keep your Watch screen dark until waking. FEATURES ----------- • Auto Sleep: Automatically log your estimated total sleep time, total restful sleep time, avg. sleeping heart rate, sleeping heart rate dip, sleep rhythm, and sleep activity levels for each day by simply wearing your Apple Watch to bed • Discover: Take control of your sleep habits with AI-powered, personalized insights. Every body is unique. Using artificial intelligence, Discover uncovers the lifestyle choices you make that appear to help you achieve a better night's rest. The more data you track with Sleep Watch, the more you can Discover. • Sleeping Heart Rate Dip Tracking: Studies among particular populations suggest that the more heart rate slows—or "dips"—during sleep compared to waking may be better for both overall and cardiovascular health in years to come. Get motivated to build a healthier lifestyle and start tracking your sleeping heart rate dip today. • Sleep Rhythm Tracking: track an estimate of how consistently you sleep at the same time each day • Sleep Charge Tracking: a fun new way to help you track and recover from recently missed sleep • Easy Editing: Manually adjust your detected sleep times to your desired accuracy • Daily Sleep Goal: See daily progress towards your custom sleep goal • Daily Briefings: Effortlessly get daily notifications about how you slept • Powerful Trending: Track daily, weekly, or monthly changes in sleep stats • Auto sync sleep data to Health app • Share each day's sleep • Create an account and access your data cross-devices • See last night's sleep details on your Watch • Watch Complications MONITOR YOUR SLEEP ----------------------- Getting adequate and quality sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle that may help us: • Improve mood • Reach weight loss goals • Battle stress • Improve exercise performance and recovery • Elevate daytime energy levels • Learn and retain new knowledge better • Improve workplace productivity • Boost immune system strength • Build better cardiovascular and brain health TECH DETAILS ---------------- • Leveraging the state-of-the-art motion and pulse sensors in your Apple Watch, our algorithm estimates when you are asleep by analyzing changes in your activity and heart rate • Sleep Watch looks for sleep between 7pm and 11:30am that totals at least 1 hour • Sleep briefings are sent after 6am at least 30min after detected wake-up times • Sleep Watch works by integrating with Apple Health CAUTION - IMPORTANT SAFETY & USE INFO -------------------------------------------- • Do not rely on Sleep Watch for medical advice or diagnosis. Sleep Watch is not a replacement or substitute for professional medical care. • Use Sleep Watch for informational, general wellbeing and fitness purposes only. • Sleep Watch results are estimates only. • Consult a doctor if you have any health concern or before starting any exercise program. Do not self-adjust medications. * Terms of Service:



  • Wonderful

    By Glissin
    I’ve always been curious about my sleep pattern and I’ve found out this App is very accurate.I love it.Sleep Matter thank you for the hard work👍🏻
  • Not Accurate

    By YankeeFan4U
    This app is not accurate I know for sure I was up past 7:30 pm last night, but app says I slept from 7:30 to 7am.
  • Great app

    By Edgrn
    I’ve been using this app for about 6 weeks, and it really does a nice job. It helps me see my consistency (or lack of it) and evaluates the last few days to show how I’m doing. I am much more aware of my sleep hygiene now, and wouldn’t trade this app for anything.
  • Great App!!!!

    By Sani 9
    Love this app!!!
  • Doesn’t Work with Apple Watch

    By @rthesing
    The Apple Watch interface just says “setup required” and instructs you to complete the setup on your iPhone. This is completed and I covered all the troubleshooting steps but it still won’t work. A waste of money!
  • Getting there

    By Pyrotech1620
    Updated (3/20/18) / (4 stars): so since I reviewed last time there has been a lot of bugs fixes and improvements. App is now running much better in iOS 11 and Series 3 watch. I have bumped it to 4 stars and would be 5 if they fix 1 issue. If i disable the “Discover” in the menu it should allow me to hide the button at the bottom as well. But other than that it has been working great and love the updates! Original Review: (2 stars). I have used this apple on my Series 2 watch and iOS 10 for a while and loved it. However, since I upgraded to Series 3 watch and iPhone 8 with iOS 11 the app has become nearly unusable. I no longer get alerts of my nightly sleep summary on my watch or on the phone. I have to open the app manually and wait several minutes (3-5) for the previous nights sleep summary to appear in the app. Once i close the app i will then get the alert 20-30 minutes later. Emailed developer and got no response from them after several days. Really hoping they not responding because the busy fixing the app. Will update the review if they come back and fix it.
  • Not working anymore

    By Cosnovae
    It was running fine for few months ago but no working anymore. No new iPhone and no new Apple Watch. I did updated my iOS but no idea why is it failed. I have allowed all permission for the app. I also send an email for support but no reply at all. Please fix it.
  • One of my fav apps! Bodyguardnla

    By LAPD 7
    I love this app. Very accurate for the most part. I rely on it every night. No app is perfect but this is close to perfection. I like the check off list whenever I get less than 7 hours of sleep. Thank you guys and keep up the good work! 🙌🏽 Ray Bodyguardnla
  • Great app!

    By Me1yssa
    I love the accuracy of this app. It’s very simple to read all the information that it takes during my sleep. I’m a stay at home mom and I’m always the last one in bed and the first one up. I bought this app because I knew I wasn’t sleeping enough and it was affecting my health. My doctor recommended I track my sleep so I gave this a try. I like that it showed when I went to bed and how much sleep I actually got while in bed. The longer I used the app the more it learned my patterns. I also like that it knows when I’ve had a really bad night of sleep and I receive the questionnaire asking why I did so bad sleeping. For example last week my son was extremely sick running a fever of 103.7 all night so I was up all night checking on him and changing out ice packs to help keep him comfortable until I could get him to the doctor the next morning. My app detected a total of 1 and half hours of sleep. I was able to tell the app I was “disrupted by a sick child”. Thanks for creating this app and continuing to make it that much better! 😊
  • No complaints

    By DaveBrook
    This is a great app.