Tempest: Pirate Action RPG

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG

By HeroCraft Ltd.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-04-18
  • Current Version: 1.64
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 429.32 MB
  • Developer: HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 274 Ratings


An adventure RPG that won the hearts of over 50.000 Steam players is now on your mobile! Become a daring pirate, prowl the seas on a ship armed to the teeth, trade, and assemble your crew from the best cutthroats. You will need a massive arsenal: cannons, mortars, flame throwers, and various rigging. But you will only earn the most devastating sea artifacts for completing difficult and interesting multilevel quests. OPEN WORLD Endless travels over the boundless seas, full of adventures and mysteries. FASCINATING STORY Over a hundred quests on dozens of islands in three regions. PLAY WITH FRIENDS Share the huge world of Tempest with two friends: fight a war with each other, or become companions. NAUTICAL WONDER Buy ships, upgrade ships, and decorate ships. PIRACY WITH A BIT OF TRADE To buy cheaper and to sell dearer is not a pirate's path. Rob galleons, sink warships, and destroy forts! SEA MONSTERS The Kraken has brought its sea friends! NOT ONLY CANNONS Use mystic crystals to deflect enemy cannonballs, bring meteors down on enemies, or summon a giant octopus. ASSEMBLE A CREW OF CUTTHROATS Upgrade your pirates from green hands to salted sea wolves.



  • Its Pretty Alright

    By Legible
    Firstly I’m reviewing this as a owner of an iPhoneX and this game does not have iPhoneX support so my review will be biased in that regards. Firstly the gameplay, as far as naval battles go, it’s good for what it is and it is for a mobile game; ease of controls. Aside from naval battles you can treat this game as a trading simulator game buying goods at discounted prices and selling them at places where inflation is hitting. For melee combat, that is where the game falls short, it is extremely clunky and just outright borderlines disgrace. For ship-to-ship melee battles, you the player have a huge influence on how the battle will go, assuming you have enough sailors assigned to melee combat. I found out it’s much better to just throw all the low level sailors to melee combat because the bigger Zerg army wins. Lv5 sailors are somewhat a commodity so no point wasting their lives to a Zerg battle. There’s a lot more to be said but in a nutshell, it’s just almost unbearable, at least you can still play it with just annoyances. One dumb thing is this side quest called Secret Lands which has a randomized mission and among them is one where you have to defend a town with its guards. The guards will always shoot which wouldn’t be a problem... if it didn’t make you flinch if they hit you and damage you! Because of that, it gets reduced to you playing with your pistol assuming you got one. Another dumb aspect is how the attack buttons are at the right and when you win a boarding battle, three buttons appear and coincidentally, you guessed it, a button pops up very near to the attack buttons and it’s the worst one of the three in my opinion but I digress. I once took over a Galleon but accidentally tapped the button because I thought there were still enemies left. Graphics is great for what it is. Seems to have quite a bit of ship customization as well but the parts are rare and expensive. There’s magic in this game as well and they’re kind of broken... as in very powerful. I got this spell which rains fireballs on a target ship and it does like 105 hull damage... and I have 2. And they have short cool downs... and low energy cost. So I can literally just sit there, pick my nose, and press two buttons to win. So iPhoneX experience... I can barely see my spells let alone my energy. Text and some other menus are almost untouchable due to their orientation within the screen. I feel like I’m missing important information. I hope devs update support but I find it unlikely seeing as their last update was 2 months ago as of this review. iPhoneX has been out for a while and well... let’s leave it at that.
  • Boarding

    By Lilbeast 484
    We need better boarding gameplay. It’s kinda broke right now.
  • Control

    By 7e4g1
    I would give this game a five star if there was boarding and first person or third person island exploration with open shops.boarding needs to be where you are the captain and control him. You should be able to swing onto another ship. I really hope the developers consider this even if the make a tiny improvement to my ideas I will change to 5 stars. (if I remember. Don't take it personally if I don't)
  • I should delete this game...

    By gregorthegreat
    I’ve played this game too much - because I love it too much and it has cost me many hours of sleep. The storylines are entertaining and interesting and worth the pursuits. If I had a criticism it is that the pop-up windows can be accidentally dismissed so easily. The windows that tell me about a certain event or give me information after completing a quest, pop-up when I have my fingers on the screen and since you dismiss them by touching any part of the screen, they go away so fast that I rarely am able to read them. Maybe if you had to click on an “X” to dismiss the windows it might alleviate that. But otherwise I love this Pirate Sim - it’s the best one out there for the iPad that I’ve come across.
  • Coming from a pirates fanatic

    By Rodrigov600
    I’ve played many pirate games on my day, from the Age of Pirates series to the Pirates of the Caribbean Online. This game is one of the best ones, and the fact that it is mobile is completely mind boggling to me. A typical battle for me consists of arriving at a scene with rows and rows upon rows of cannons and lighting up and enemy with my Bar shots. I reposition myself after demasting my poor opponent, and unleash a devastating wave of shrapnel shots. You’d think that once you get close to board a ship, you’d get a dialogue like most half-made pirate apps out there. Not at all, in fact you quickly get into the action choosing your desired pistol (yes you can carry a trusty pistol) and run down from the helm to meet the enemy crew who is rushing to the middle of the action. Upon executing the final enemy member, you’re free to wander around the ship (well while avoiding enemy cannon fire as it’s showering both decks of the ships). You’ll find that there are plenty of treasure chests lying around, providing you with that much coveted gold. Whether you decide to take ships, sink ships, destroy land forts, or plain old trading, this game has it all. I would go on to recommend the game to make the game even more unbelievable and amazing and see to the addition of island/fort invasion and capturing as well as implementing it in 3D. I’d also love to see the fall of masts when demasting a ship, that would certainly give the game some more taste. Overall, due to the amount of features and activities you’re able to partake on while playing Tempest, I rate this game 5 stars. It is top of the line and would definitely keep refreshing the updates section in hopes of seeing more DLC for this game.
  • OMG. I heard a Korean voice....in Atlantus port at eastern sea.

    By Brianlee sky
    Hi? I'm korean who just bought this beautiful pirate RPG game. First of all, I want to thank developers for this amazing game. I mean... it really makes me feel that I am a captain. This game is a GTA game in pirate world!! I'm not kidding. I can choose who I follow and what I do!! And you can enjoy this for just 3.99$. It's also great there is no internet connection needed. Truely amazing job guys. Anyway, in Atlantus isle port at eastern sea.... I heard familar woman's voice who were selling fishes. She was exactly Korean. It was a surprise for me cuz this game has no Korean subtitles..... sad.... If my country people know this game, they would love it. I'm pretty sure haha. I hope that this game will remain paid app. Don't convert this one paid&play free game into Free download + in app purchase mixed game.... It will make this game ugly. Thank you again. and I will wait for another update~ bye~!!
  • STILL The Best Pirate Game On App Store!

    By AmesMoore
    UPDATE: With the newest update, my expectations have, indeed, been exceeded! 3rd person boarding and land missions are absolutely bonkers! Been on since day 1 and I hope this game NEVER dies! ORIGINAL: Supremely bummed to see my original review missing :( . Anywho- this awesome pirate game is the best all-round free-roam pirate action RPG on the App Store! At first glance, simple mechanics and mission chasing are abound! However, what most fail to see is the actual depth of the game. For starters, it's a social game that allows you to play with other people cooperatively or anonymously. You can also upgrade your crew AND captain. There are mysteriously powerful artifacts to find, mythical sea monsters, and a budget for all of it..so venture wisely. Otherwise, the graphics and camera angles matched with the realistic sounds give this game movie-like qualities...just zoom in on deck and sail for a while with your friends, it's a blast! Then cooperate in pirate battles...it's a literal blast! Sixth Star!!! The 6th star goes to this game because the developers have gone above and beyond providing excellent customer service. They have responded to requests at lightning speeds and NEVER have I felt so appreciated as a customer and now a big fan! THANK YOU Herocraft!
  • DLC in-app

    By juStmEetmeAGaIn
    I don't understand, how to get DLC? Where's the buy button?
  • Great game

    By Cheesydancolb
    Super cool game thanks!
  • Great graphics and ship design!

    By brimaximus
    So far I am entertained a lot! Love the sea battles and the concept, wish there were hidden treasure to find or being able to explore an island for items. I think it has skittle compatibility issue with iPhone X as I am not able to navigate in the crew Zscreen and ship customization screen. ..but not anything to stop me from playing