Rise of the Kings

Rise of the Kings


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-06-29
  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 192.44 MB
  • Developer: ONEMT LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,643 Ratings


Our brand new hero system is just around the corner! In the ever turbulent land of ROK war is here, there... everywhere. People are suffering from war and pain. In these, the most crucial of times, a group of heroes must rise up! They are a group of the most gifted people and the most magical of creatures coming! With their tremendous talent, they will turn the tide in battle or play a pivotal role in your Castle development. Choose the heroes you yearn for in the new update, and have them join the fight against you enemies! The Great Dragon casts his shadow across the land... In Rise of the Kings, players from all over the world battle to rule this new epic real time strategy game online. Utilizing the best of the RTS, RPG, and MMO gaming genres, take your place in this epic war game as one of many Lords fighting for survival in a hostile fantasy world. In this army game you hold the fate of your kingdom, your army, and yourself firmly in your hands. Tap and install this mobile game to train an army to clash with evil in the best online empire game available! Rally your friends and engage in epic clashes against determined enemies and fearsome foes. Utilize clever strategy, superior leadership, and cunning diplomacy, to rise to the top and claim the crown and the throne. Download this top fantasy RTS MMO today on your phone or tablet and begin playing online with players from around the world! Amass Your Army - Gather friends, old and new, and form a top Alliance to conquer the best new war strategy game available. - Build your empire and train an army, then lead them in PVP war against friends, new and old! - Train your army, lead them into battle, and crush your enemies. Explore the Wild Lands! - Stalk the monster clans roaming the lands and dungeons, and kill them to sharpen your skills and claim their treasure. - Explore the dark dungeons inside the Ruins of the old Kings, and face down the Dark Guards to uncover the riches of the ancients. A King will Rise - If you love PvP challenges, then prove your mettle against the best Lords in the Realm. - Grow faster, build faster, train faster, and then put it all on the line against the terrifying Orcs, the ghastly Grimm Raider Clan, and more as you clash with other ambitious Lords. - Do you have what it takes to Rise and become King? Shoot us a message at servicerok@onemt.com with any questions or comments relating to this wicked multiplayer strategy war game. Ask us anything! Also, connect with Rise of the Kings and friends: https://www.facebook.com/RiseoftheKings



  • Rise of the Kings

    By Mstrgunsmith
    Very addictive game! Once you start a out don't want to stop. Best multiplayer war game so far.
  • Great Game

    By Joec19
    The game is great. Make friends all over the world. Has its own built in translator. You don't really need to pay to play. You can join teams. Lots of fun, you stay occupied building your base and helping others to build theirs. I love the game.
  • Bull policies

    By riseofkingsarethiefs
    I have been playing this game since it came out. I am a very active player. It is geared towards spenders. Many players make multiple castles to help provide resources for their main castle. Recently the developers have been banning our farm castles. The reason is clearly to force people to buy more. A castle cannot hold enough grain for major upgrades once it reaches a certain level due to troop consumption. So the only way is to farm and collect resources for your main. The developers have literally stolen the farm castles from us. And most have spent real money in these farm castles. So ultimately the developers are fn stealing from us My advice. Don’t waste your time. The developers have take. Their greed to a whole new level here. Taking away castles for no reason I’d like to see what crap response the developers post to this comment. Don’t play this game. They will rob you blind I have large powerful castles in multiple kingdoms and this past week they have stolen over 20 castles from me
  • Amazing Game! Just one thing...

    By michys1234 on musically
    The minute I started playing this game, I was addicted. The game is fast paced and you get a lot of good rewards. Lots of gems and sped ups. I like the concept of the game. But one thing I don’t like is the rankings when you join an alliance. People ranking five can demote you, I feel like it should be done by vote instead. I was a level four in an alliance but then the leader was changed and I was put down for no reason. I am also the most powerful in that alliance so maybe rankings should be done by power? Also the VIP is cool, I just hate that it’s limited time. I rather charge for gems then for VIP. Edit: the update made it super laggy and now it won’t let me log in. Please fix
  • Can not download 1.17.001 of Rise of the Kings for IPAD

    By Sevarg1
    I have been trying to upload the new version of this game all day, with no success. Please help me upload my game. Old Father1
  • Update problems

    By Darken6667
    I can no longer access the game since this most recent update. Every time I open the app it says I need to download the most recent version and sends me to the app store, but the app store shows that there is no new update, and sends me back to the game, then the game says I need the new update. It just keeps sending me back and forth. Meanwhile, I keep getting notifications telling me that my city is being attacked repeatedly, and there is nothing I can do about it. This has been going on for two days so far. Can I please get some help with this? And maybe some compensation for having my city ransacked and all my troops slaughtered?
  • Addicted on game

    By Evmoss
    Been playing ROK for couple years. When started was great. Last 4-5 upgrades haven improved in some areas. But it’s now a money spender game. If you’re new to the game , unless you’re ready to spend $$$$$$$ forget it, you will never be in the top 3 kingdom vs kingdom. You’ll stay farm forever.
  • Update mandatory

    By AgentJay6460
    I can’t open my game due to the update being mandatory. When I go to the App Store to update, it does not show an update available. My account is not binded or I would just delete and reinstall the game.
  • No new update option

    By nsmith026
    The App Store won’t let me update the new content so I’m not able to play anymore? Just keeps going back and forth from App Store to Game when I click go. No update button.
  • Standard war game

    By 204235559
    Pretty much the same as any war game out there. Not sure if it’s just my iPhone, but am getting tired of having to delete a game in order to download the update.