All Birds Colombia field guide

All Birds Colombia field guide

By Mullen & Pohland GbR

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2016-04-21
  • Current Version: 1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.80 GB
  • Developer: Mullen & Pohland GbR
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 5
From 12 Ratings


*** Planning to go bird watching in Colombia? Then this is the app for you. This app fills a gap in the region and is the only serious bird app available for Colombia. It is based on the renowned reference work of the Helm Guide Series "Birds of Northern South America" by Robin Restall, Clemencia Rodner, and Miguel Lentino. The creation of apps from the book is a co-production between Bloomsbury Plc. and Sunbird Images. The app contains 5,600 illustrations and more than 4,000 bird songs and calls in total. *** *** Dutch Birding Journal writes: "Would I recommend this app to anyone going on a birding trip to Colombia or one of the other countries in Northern South America? For sure! ..., you will be provided with a load of information, a nearly complete set of bird sounds and a few useful tools and features for use in the field for relatively low money." *** This app is part of the Sunbird Images BLUE LABEL series. Our BLUE LABEL series are top notch digital field guides which provide the most comprehensive data available for a region or taxon. They stand for completeness including even the very rare species and vagrants which have only been recorded once or a few times in a region. Even the rare species are illustrated and described in detail featured with a full species account. No other bird app for this region offers the following: - Includes all 1,889 Colombian bird species including all vagrants - 5,600 illustrations from the Helm Guide Series "Birds of Northern South America" - Covers all subspecies + geographic, age and sex variations - 4,054 bird songs and calls - Most advanced Compare Mode of any bird app - compare up to 16 species images / songs / maps - Spectrograms of all songs + details where songs were recorded - Introduction contains hints and links on bird watching in Colombia - Detailed distribution maps of Northern South America down to subspecies level - Create sighting lists on a map via GPS and sort by place, date, group, and name - Make notes for each bird spotted - A simple identification key narrows species down - Sort and display species: A–Z, 6 different languages, taxonomic Colombia is the “Land of Birds” with vast natural richness and a number of natural superlatives. With its nearly 1,900 species it covers about 20 % of the world's bird species population with 78 endemic species covered in this app. Choose between 6 bird name languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Latin Narrow species down by foot colour, bill shape, tail length etc. leading to the bird searched for plus a choice of similar species. You can also look for fragments of a species name – the search for “finch“ shows all the species which include the word “finch“ in the species’ name. ***A graphically well-designed layout – easy to use with large lettering.*** "All Birds Colombia" is very well suited for keeping personalised bird watch lists. The app will continuously be developed further. All updates are free of charge. Once downloaded no internet connection needed – just download the app and start birding! Visit our internet support site for more information We are happy, if you like our app. Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions or suggestions or comments at:



  • Amazing!

    By Kelbymc
    This app has everything. You can identify birds based on what you see. But what really sets it apart is being able to hear the sounds the birds make. I have heard several birds from my apartment in Colombia that I can't see. Now I have a tool to try and figure out which bird it is. In the mean time, I'm learning a lot about the different kinds of birds here and the sounds they make. Extremely comprehensive.
  • Best South America birding app yet

    By bretthartl
    Let's hope that Sunbird makes a birding app for every South America country. User interface options are great, making it very easy to find species you are looking for. Presentation of information is intuitive, great sample of bird song and calls for each species. Range maps show surrounding countries as well, which is very useful. So much better than having to carry a book in the field. Only suggestion would be an option to swipe left or right to the next species in phylogenetic order, rather than having to go back to the family page to view the next bird.
  • Great app

    By Dvdkr
    Very happy with this app. Easy to use. It is large, but has great information included.
  • Beautifully made

    By Braunloewe
    Even I'm still getting used to this app, I'm amazed with all the info it has. I'd love to have a little more detailed map, but with all the location info it's good enough. On a future version I'd love to have the option to add photos and videos
  • Just a small correction

    By Stevecagan
    I wouldn't make too big an issue of this--with over 1800 birds a few errors of this kind are to be expected, to wit, the picture accompanying the entry for Hudsonian Godwit is actually an image of Black-necked Stilt. As I said, just a small correction.
  • Good, but with some reservations

    By Stevecagan
    For All Birds Colombia I have started using this app, and it looks like it's going to be useful. Certainly more convenient than carrying Hilty into the field. But… One important doubt I have is about the Spanish names provided. I have to caution users not to think that these are Colombian names for all the birds. Some of the names seem to be simple translations from the English or the scientific names, and some of them seem to be brought in from other countries. Of course, providing the local Spanish names for birds isn't easy. The names change from country to country and among regions within a country. Still, in the cases where I know the Colombian common name for a bird, it isn't what appears in the program. One example is Black Vulture (Coragryps atratus). The app provides the Spanish name "Zopilote Negro." First, "zopilote" is derived from Nahuatl, so it would be surprising if it were found so far south. Second, there is a common word for Black Vulture in Colombia, at least the few areas I've visited, which is "gallinazo." Another example is Chestnut-collared Sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis). The app gives the Spanish name as "Chingolo común." In Bogotá at least this bird is called "Copetón,” someties with other words attached. In Venezuela it's called "Corre por suelo," which indeed it does. I could provide other examples, but the point is this: please do not expect people in Colombia to understand what you mean if you use many of the Spanish names given in the app. You might want to be careful with the scientific names as well; they still list some warblers as Dedroica and others as Wilsonia, though those genera were eliminated by the AOU five years ago or more. Since the authors are British or Europeans--I think--it may be of course that they use a different authority. But at least for people from North America, we can't help wondering if the taxonomy is up to date in general. Finally, I also find that on the iPad at least, swiping and scrolling are more difficult than with other apps. This interferes with, for example, scrolling to the bottom of a list of birds in response to a search, and at other points as well.
  • Absolutely great!

    By YollandaGo
    Wow! This is an awesome app. It’s certainly the best resource on avian biodiversity of the region. The app really gains from being an app. Besides the detailed drawings it is also comprehensive as it has all the bird songs in it. The app is easy to use and contains all the information needed – and even more. With this app I feel well prepared for birding in Colombia.
  • Bird Encyclopedia

    By NicCole B
    I’m not much of a bird person, but I do enjoy learning something new about almost anything. With this app, I learned some things I didn’t even know about a few popular birds, in particular, penguins. I had no idea that there were more than one breed of penguins. You can learn about ways to identify different breeds of birds, learn about their habitat, their current status, and more. This app is extremely helpful and comes in handy for true bird lovers.
  • Thorough

    By vpryya
    This app is absolutely worth buying! This is a staple app that ever birder (or even just the average day curious person) needs on their phone. The best feature on the phone is the identify tab where you can find the type of bird you saw by what features you got a glimpse of (tail, beak, leg, feather color etc.). I genuinely can say it is one of the most detail oriented and thorough bird identification apps I have seen ever! Another great future is the log/diary part where you can record all the findings you have made. I highly recommend everybody try this app because after you experience all the cool features, you too will start to be fascinated by birds!
  • Very helpful and incredibly well done!

    By Laureline111
    This is really a spectacular app and a dream come true if you’re a passionate birder or a professional ornithologist. As a birder, I haven’t found anything that comes close to this one in spite of spending time searching. The app is very comprehensive and goes into great length detailing essential features about each bird species you’ll find on a trip to Columbia. I love how easy and intuitive the app is, starting with the main page identifying a vast variety of species through beautiful images viewable as a gallery or by list. The app then does a great job at helping you narrow down each species with essential information and in-depth descriptions of the bird’s habits, size, features, habitat, and even its voice. The app even features high quality recording that lets you hear the sound of the bird you’re tracking. It also helps you find similar bird species in case you mistake a species for another.