Road Trip Planner™

Road Trip Planner™

By William Modesitt

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 4.6.91
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.38 MB
  • Developer: William Modesitt
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 4
From 614 Ratings


Place pins on a worldwide map for each location you want to visit, then see your route. Enter trip details for each location and create a complete trip itinerary. Multiple sample files are available, including an informative Route 66 sample file. You can demo this app by downloading our free RTP Viewer app. RPT Viewer is virtually identical to this app except with RTP Viewer you can’t save your edits. MAP PINS HOLD WHAT YOU NEED. Each pin shows: - arrival date & time - departure date & time - travel time to this location - time spent at this location - name of pin (such as John’s house) - address of pin - notes and images - custom pin color and icon - URL for related information - URL for related images - weather reports - transport type (driving or walking) - Internet Search results - list of activities (lodging, sights to see, etc.) - choose between multiple routes (if available) - view driving distance between pins, driving time, fuel cost, travel advisories, turn-by-turn driving directions - Export pin data to your calendar. EACH PIN CAN HAVE MANY ACTIVITIES. For each activity you can record: - name of activity - activity date, time and duration - cost - phone - FAX - address - URL - email address - confirmation number - notes - picture There are two types of pins. Route Pins are used to create the route. POI Pins mark points of interest on the map. Choose between Apple Maps, OpenStreet Maps or various other maps. Cache non-Apple maps to disk for offline use. See the settings and Help for more info. For air and rail routes a straight line can be displayed between pins. Add, remove or rearrange the pins in any order you wish. Routes and pins can be sent to Apple Maps. Import and export GPX data files. Each trip can be saved as a separate document. Perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a record of past trips. VIEW YOUR TRIP ON YOUR MAC with our Road Trip Planner app available from the Mac App Store. Send location data to Road Trip Planner directly from any of our location-savvy apps. THE ITINERARY HOLDS ALL OF THE DETAILS. Share it and take it with you. - print the itinerary or share it easily - includes a map image with pins and routes, activities for each Route Pin, costs for each activity, total fuel cost, total trip cost, information for Points of Interest Pins, and driving instructions. USE THE TO-DO CHECKLIST. Make sure you don’t forget anything. Development is very active and we have many more features planned. We respond quickly to suggestions and questions in our forum. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR AN ISSUE. We promise we'll respond as quickly as we can. For more info visit the Road Trip Planner web site at PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING: The mapping and routing functionality Road Trip Planner uses is based upon Apple’s maps technology. If Apple Maps cannot find a route between map pins, then neither can Road Trip Planner. Please test the area you wish to travel using Apple’s Maps app to ensure that the area can be routed. If it cannot be routed, please submit the issue to Apple. If Apple Maps cannot perform routing in the area you wish to travel then neither can Road Trip Planner. Developers, if you'd like to learn how to send location data from your app to this app, contact us.



  • Lovin’ Road Trip Planner

    By Long Distance Traveler
    Just bought the app about 3 weeks ago, and have mapped out our 4300 mi summer motorcycle vacation. Still exploring to find out all that the app does, and every new thing I discover is great! Exploring the app is kinda like exploring the country. You can keep it simple by traveling the Interstate ... or you can get off the beaten path, travel the 2 lane state highways and find a lot of beauty and grandeur. Thanks for all the hard work ... it’s one terrific app! And much easier to use on my iPad than what I used for the past 10 years. Don’t let my 5 star review cause you to slow down ... keep the improvements coming!
  • Great App **mapping our route and recording it

    By Bigscott2010
    I use this to keep track of where we are going with the ability to change the planned route and save it with time spent, fuel cost. I have traveled through 46 states in the last year and NO problems. The best part is my path is recorded to the minute and gallon of fuel. Love it. Scott S
  • Too convoluted

    Entering information requires using too many screens. It takes way too long to enter simple info - I find it easier and quicker just to use a calendar app. I don’t need all the other stuff - I’m not going to need fuel costs or a place to put photos, etc. I just want to plan a trip, no need to over think this.
  • Waste of Money

    By Imelda145
    Very buggy and hard to use. Better trip planners on other apps. Wish I could get a refund.
  • Super glitchy

    By X1-lightning
    In iOS 11 this app is unusable, can’t even map out basic waypoints or zoom in
  • Waste of money

    By jenniferocious10
    Thought this would show us cool places to stop on our road trip.... it doesn't. The app basically shows you a solid blue line of where you're going and that is literally it. Has to read the instructions 3 times just to get that part down. If apple offered a money back policy I'd be writing for one but they don't so enjoy my $6. Maybe you can invest it in making an app that has a purpose.
  • Not an easy interface

    By amd2007
    Don't recommend at all.
  • Nice App - Show Milage?

    By PXLated
    A nice little app and like the export to UCG. Haven't figured this out yet - Any way to show the mileage between route pins as well as total mileage. Time to travel would be nice also. Ok - Thanks for the response... Be nice to have the mileage displayed on the map next to each route pin for that segment and total by the last. Would make it easier for quick glance/review. Ahhhh - Sorry to be a pain, need to play around more I guess :-(
  • Search function doesn't work

    By dejavuexp
    It only searches addresses near my current location, which is useless for my planning of an upcoming road trip in Europe. For instance, my current location is LA and why I try to find Reykjavik in this app, the only result I get is "Reykjavik outpost", a clothing store near LA, and if I refine the search by entering "Reykjavik, Iceland", the app simply tells me "error, could not resolve location". If I have to collect the coordinates of every stop on my trip for this app to work, then what's the point of having a search bar?
  • Crippled by poor searching interface

    By Nonsanity
    If you know exactly where you want to go and have exact names, addresses, or map locations, this app may work for you. But if you are taking a leisurely road trip and want to find interesting or useful locations along your route, best look elsewhere. 1) There is a search feature in this app, but it doesn't use the current map view to effectively restrict the results. This means that you are presented a list of search results from all over the world when all you want is what's along the 50 mile stretch of road you are currently looking at, and only the top few will be local to your current map view. compared to doing the same search in other map apps, most of the expected results just aren't there. Instead, the list is padded with far-off stuff places—some from the other side of the world, even. As an example, I searched for "museum" in a large metropolitan area, one that I know has many museums. However, only the first six were even from that state. The rest of the search results were from other states and overseas. Those distant locations shouldn't be returned—they aren't in the range of my map view. If someone is interested in museums anywhere, they can zoom out first. There needs to be more complete local results and less padding from elsewhere. 2) Also, if and when you do find and select a possible destination from the search results, the app zooms into the general area of the location but places no pin or other mark on the map. You can, at best, touch and hold on the map to make your own pin and hope you didn't just set a destination in the middle of a deserted corn field. 3) The requirement that the user has to open a menu and press a button in order for the map to re-draw the route is something that should be replaced with background route updates. If I just added a new route point, we can be sure I no longer want the old route. Just update it for me. 4) Also, when a new route point is added, it defaults to the end of the trip. In order to move it you have to leave the map to go to list of route points, switch to edit mode, drag the route point up the list, stop editing and return to the map. If building up a route with many points, this gets annoying fast. Oh, and don't forget to tell it to update the route too. A good interface should minimize the number of times the user has to take unnecessary action—like clicking buttons, opening menus, or dragging things around. Not eliminate, just minimize. This app needs to take that design philosophy to heart. And fix the search-—I don't want to drive past the world's largest ball of twine without knowing about it. :) Response to Developer: My goal is to help improve your app, if I can. :) I found the feature you referred to in your initial response. It doesn't, however address the need for adding new stops along a route. It only locates places close to an already chosen waypoint, and it doesn't allow for them to be added as new waypoints, as far as I could tell. Am I missing something else that might be hidden in a menu?